Stylish Sight: 3 Tips For Picking The Perfect Eyeglasses For Your Face Shape

Thousands of people in the US must wear some type of corrective lenses for vision problems. However, there are thousands more that wear glasses strictly for their aesthetic appeal. The correct frames and lenses can actually be considered fashionable accessories today. To find the perfect glasses for your face just follow these three tips:

Facial Shape

The first step in finding a great pair of glasses that look amazing on you is to know your facial shape. There are seven basic facial shapes: round, square, oval, pear, diamond, oblong and heart.

Which face shape are you? Well, just grab a mirror and take a look. Is your jaw narrower than your cheekbones? Is your face longer than it is wide? Then you have an oval face. A square face is pretty self-explanatory, as is a round face. A heart-shaped face will have prominent, wide cheeks, a narrow jaw and a pointed chin. If your forehead and your chin are narrow and your cheeks are wide, you have a diamond-shaped face. Pear faces are characterized by jaws that are wider than the forehead. Lastly, an oblong-shaped face is longer than it is wide.

Get Professional Help

Optometry professionals, like Evans, Robt. L Dr, can assist you in finding frames that will work perfectly with your face. Some offices have computer programs that can actually show you what frames will look like on your face before you purchase them. They can suggest frames that flatter you.

Professionals can also steer you away from frames that will not look good with your facial shape. For instance, people with a round face need glasses that break up the face. Strong angles, square frames and even colored frames are great for a round face. Small, round glasses will be lost on a round face.

Color And Size Matter

If you have a broad forehead, frames with heavy tops will accent your forehead. To bring balance and enhance your chin go for thin, light-colored frames. Diamond faces could use the top-heavy frames to balance out wide cheekbones. The sizes and colors of frames do matter. Internet charts can help you find the right frame. Just follow the suggestions listed.

A great pair of glasses can draw attention, add drama and even accent clothing choices. Today’s eye wear choices make it easy to look great. Just choose the right frames for your face.

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