Choosing Bright Spring Colors for Your Home

Need some ideas to brighten up your living room or some other room in your home, and bring some Spring/Summer color into your life? Then why not bring some Blush into your home, like Blush Pinks, which brings a sense of calm to your room.

In contrast to brighter, bolder pinks, blush pinks can be used subtly with other quiet colors that will give your room a glamorous look of style.

Combine colors like pale pinks with creamy khaki, or a light gray or even an earthy green would be great from a comfortable yet elegant sheik look.

You could use broad strokes of a pale shadow color called Pink Mimosa (interior paint) to polish your living room wall paired with grays to keep the room light and airy. Add small strokes of a rich rouge of Mauve Glow (interior paint) to define a special nook or shelf with this darker shade of pink.

Then there are broad strokes of an earthy Venetian Pink (interior paint) that warms up to any organic colors such as mossy greens, light wood tones, and just about any shade of Khaki. Use this in rooms where comfort is the key. Or maybe you prefer the broad strokes of a powder pink colored called Demure Pink (interior paint), but to keep pale pinks like this from being too sweet you would need to pair it with chalky creams and light browns.

Not really into pinks? Then maybe you would like how a Citron color perks up a room and how it blends the sunny side of yellow with a lively spring green, zesting up any room. Citron’s juicy tone works with many colors to create a look that’s fresh, vibrant, and fashion-forward. You could turn up Citron’s volume with a high-energy wall color and bright contrasting accents, or you could tone it down with some warm neutrals.

Spiney Green (interior paint) is a nice vibrant color but you may to want use tinges of black to help dial back this lime green color to a wall shade you can live with. Also try it with colors of olive green or pale blue. Or maybe you would like the softer shade of a creamy key lime color called Lime Mousse (interior paint) that works well with other light spring/summery colors such as orange and buttery yellow.

Also this crisp and clean grassy green color called Yellow Lettuce (interior paint) takes its cue from nature. Light browns and organic accents warms this shade. This color is idea with for rooms with an abundance of natural light. For a vivacious shade that adds a zing to Creamy White of an accent wall or shelves try this citrus punch color of green called Country Breeze (interior paint).

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