6 Trendy Redecorating Tips You Have to Try In 2021

As the calendar flips to 2021, many people look at a home refresh while wondering what trends are on point for this new year. While it can be challenging to keep up with the latest in home design, making an effort to harness the trends will ensure that your home does not feel outdated any time soon. Here are six trendy redecorating tips that you can implement in 2021.

Choose the Hot Colors

Color trends come and go. So what is hot for 2021? Pantone has announced its two colors of the year as PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. The classic gray color pairs beautifully with the vibrant shade of yellow. After the year that was 2020, everyone can use a little of this calming gray and bright shade of yellow color.

The practical gray shade makes a great backdrop in nearly any room. Use the yellow sparingly to add pops of color and sunshine to any space. You can use these colors separately or in tandem to bring out the personality in any room.

Traditional Looks

Despite the modern technology in today’s smart homes, traditional design elements will never go out of style. You can harken back to a classic style while still leaning on modern amenities by choosing more conventional decor items.

When looking for a classic decor element to add to a room refresh, consider the use of cuckoo clocks. An authentic Bavarian cuckoo clock adds a sense of timelessness to your house while also providing a practical function. This type of clock will be a focal point of any room, providing a gorgeous piece of art along with its practicality.

White Light Fixtures

One of the easiest ways to instantly transform a room is to brighten up your lighting. The latest trends in lighting are largely white or opaque shades around the bulb. Smoky-shaded glass is another popular trend to consider for your lighting needs.

Other lighting trends include knotted ropes connecting the bulbs to the ceiling and silver finishes. The clear movement is toward the light, airy, and minimalist design that carries over to your lighting elements.

Geometric Patterns

Savvy home decorators are leaning into geometric patterns in the coming year. These versatile shapes allow you to create a variety of moods in any room. Geometric patterns are also ideal when looking to create dimension or to add a layering effect. You can carry these shapes through to the flooring, wallpaper, lampshades, throw blankets, and more.

The elegant aesthetic of geometric patterns will appeal to nearly any taste. Choose to go big and bold using geometric shapes by incorporating them into your wall decor or going with a more understated look by using them sparingly.

Multi-purpose Spaces

With more families working or schooling at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a definitive move toward creating multi-purpose spaces. When looking at redecorating your home, be sure to think of ways to reimagine spaces to add more purpose to existing areas.

Perhaps you want to add a work area in your kitchen? Or maybe this is converting a walk-in closet to office space? The possibilities are endless when you begin to think outside of the box and figure out ways to improve your home’s functionality as you refresh its design.

Bring Outdoors Inside

One trend that has carried over from 2020 is the desire for people to bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside. Natural elements can breathe life into any room while creating an aura of zen.

It is affordable to spruce up a room as a bonus by simply incorporating some natural elements into the decor. The standard idea to add plants and floral fixtures are to forget elements such as pine cones, dried leaves, or seashells. The elements do not have to be living for you to feel the difference that these items bring to the room.

These six ideas will take you home from the year 2020 to 2021. Employ one or all six of the redecorating ideas, and your house will showcase the latest home design styles.


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