4 Safety Issues to Consider When Decorating Your Home

Whether you’re looking for an entirely new look or want to celebrate an upcoming holiday, decorating is one great way to refresh your mind and home. While you may just want to go crazy decorating your heart out, there are some things you need to consider. Safety is the most important. Here are four safety issues you must consider when decorating your home.

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Understand What Your Kids And Pets Can Reach

If you have pets or small children, you need to consider them when you’re decorating your home. Keeping objects that could be dangerous to them a safe distance away is a must. For example, consider putting your pictures high up on the wall and those floating shelves out of reach of your children. Any decor items that are close to the floor or sitting on your end tables can be within reaching distance for your small children.

Ensure Your Hardware Is Strong Enough

Decorating usually involves some form of hanging stuff. Whether it be shelves, a chandelier, or something else, you need to ensure that your hardware can support the weight. Many people make the mistake of not reading what the brackets and hardware are built to hold. Then, they end up putting too much weight on the hardware and it breaks. Take the time to assess the weight limit of all your floating shelf brackets and screws to ensure they can handle what you put on them.

Be Mindful Of Open Flames

It may seem obvious that open flames can be dangerous. However, there are still tons of house fires that are started every year by open flames, especially around the holidays. Do yourself a favor and really assess where you’re going to have these open flames. Areas where there are items within close reach or where small children or pets can reach the flames need to be stricken from your decorating ideas.

Consider The Products You’re Using

When it comes to decorating, specifically for the holiday season, faux snow is a great-looking addition. However, it’s important that you actually understand how harmful this faux snow can be to your family. These aerosol products contain allergens that can be damaging to the lungs, especially those who have respiratory conditions like asthma.


Decorating your home can be a great way to express your style and celebrate the seasons. However, not all decorating ideas are safe for your home. The above are four safety issues you should keep in mind while decorating your home.

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