5 Ways to Redesign Your Office to Optimize Energy Efficiency

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One of the biggest challenges the world faces is the impending danger of global warming. If the threat of global warming is to be overcome, it’s going to require drastic changes from all sectors of society. This even includes the office. There are plenty of ways your office may be wasting electricity and resources. Below are five ways you can change your office to make it greener.

Remove the PCs and Institute a BYOD Policy

Computers use a lot of electricity. In fact, they even use electricity when they are switched off. The fact that computers, as well as other devices, still use electricity when plugged in even if they are turned off is sometimes referred to as vampire power. However, smartphones and tablets are just as functional as PCs and don’t have to be plugged in to be used. Consider instituting a Bring Your Own Device, BYOD for short, policy for your office. To further encourage this practice, tell people about how easy it is to use these devices when they have the right tools. For example, knowing how to compare two Word documents online can help reduce the need for electricity-hogging computers because a tablet can do the same job.

Install New Windows

If your office building is rather old, one way you can increase its energy efficiency is by upgrading your windows. This is due to the fact that older windows tend to leak a lot of air, especially around corners. This means the air conditioner and furnace will both have to work harder to keep your office cool or warm. Newer more energy-efficient windows should stop this.

Install New Doors

Much like windows, old doors tend to leak a lot of air. Consider your options for upgrading your doors if this is the case. More advanced choices like bi-fold doors will trap in a lot more air and will help to improve your office’s security as well.

Remove Printers, Copy Machines, and Fax Machines

Offices waste piles and piles of paper each year. Beyond the paper that is wasted, it requires a lot of electricity to run printers, copy machines, and fax machines. However, PDF files, e-mail, Word documents, and free fax online can replace those machines completely. Consider switching to a paperless office.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Traditional incandescent lighting wastes a lot of energy because incandescent bulbs run very hot. LED lighting, on the other hand, produces the same amount of light without the need for as much heat. If you want to lower your energy consumption a great deal, upgrade to LED lighting.

If serious problems like global warming are to be averted, it’s going to require action from everyone. This certainly includes the company office. Integrate the tips above as well as other strategies that will lower your office’s carbon footprint.


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