The Double Glazed French Doors: A Reinvention Of The Classic French Door

The French are renowned for their sophistication, their refined taste of arts evident from the many great contributions they provided over time particularly during the age of Renaissance. One such contribution resulting from the renaissance movement is the introduction of the French door which came during the 17th century where people began to incorporate French doors and window into their house as it was then a new trend to have wide-open spaces in homes.

The French door has now evolved ever since its inception with designers and homeowners incorporating them into their house using different materials and implementing them in new and creative ways. French doors are stunning they can be added to home and workplaces as the perfect link between internal and external spaces.

The Double Gazed French Doors

A great addition to the ever-impressive French door, the double glazed French doors have been installed by many homeowners and have been widely incorporated by interior designers into their design as it provides the illusion of space making the room appear more spacious.  Double glazed French doors are long-lasting and come in stunning modern designs they also provide outstanding security, protection against weather effects and outside noise.

Often frames are made with UPVC, the cheapest and the most popular material they are widely used by house owners as door frames and have great insulating properties. 

Aluminum is by far the least common among materials used in the production of frames for French doors as they are terrible insulators, other materials like timber and fiberglass are more widely used materials due to their flexibility and insulating properties.


There are several benefits to the double glazed French doors; we have listed below some for your understanding:

  1. Your house will increase in value: double glazed French doors provide great visual appeal to the house and having them installed provides the house with a significant boost in its overall value. So when you do have to sell your house in the future the presence of the double glazed French door will surely increase your profits.
  2. Significant reduction of carbon emissions: there is significant energy usage reduction in the house, which in the long run assists in the reduction of carbon emissions
  3. Ventilation: the design of French doors allow for proper ventilation of the premises. Resulting in an overall boost in health due to an abundant supply of fresh air and sunlight which is crucial as living in poorly ventilated areas over time can result in adverse effects on one’s health.
  4. Money saver: double glazed French doors are great in insulating the room, reflecting heat into the room it minimizes the need for a room heater or a heating system to warm up the room, as the heat from the sun reflected by the French door satisfy its heating requirements, a great way to save money during winter months when most people would be raking up their electricity bills to exorbitant rates from using their heating system too often.
  5. Suppress noise: if you live next to a busy road or next to noisy neighbors, the daily din of noise can be quite infuriating, and often one has no choice but to tolerate it, however, if you were to install double glazed French doors, you would find the noise suppressed to more tolerable levels this is due to the doors natural noise suppressing attributes.
  6. Security: though French doors may look simple to break in, it is not as simple as it appears. Several layers added to the door make break-ins extremely hard and the addition of toughening glass ensures no ordinary burglar can break in by breaking the glass. 

For those who enjoyed a spacious appearance in their houses, double glazed French doors are a great addition as not only they are visually appealing but are also durable, have great insulating properties and their enhanced security makes it a hard nut to crack for burglars to break in.

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