How Can Your Family Enjoy the Outdoors this Summer?

Are you seeking help with your efforts to plan outdoor activities this summer with the fam? Are you not sure what activities will be enjoyed by your entire family? You have help with those efforts. Check out these five ways your family can enjoy the outdoors this summer.

1. Gardening and Yard Work

Believe it or not, your family might actually enjoy gardening and yard work. Do areas in your yard need some extra TLC? Or maybe it is time to give your entire yard an overhaul? You not only help ensure everyone in your family understands the importance of yard work, but you also foster more accountability. And it can be fun for you all, too.

As you seek improvements you all can handle make sure to consider adding any bushes or trees that can add beauty and help shade your home. That extra shade will help you control your summer energy costs. And when you think about adding any shrubs or flowers remember that perennials should come back next summer, too.

2. Nature Trail Hiking

If your family loves to be active or if you all could benefit from better prioritizing of being active, you should consider hiking trails. In nearly all communities or somewhere nearby, you can find a trail suitable for everyone in your family.

Not only can you schedule trail hikes on your own, but you also can turn to those that organize and lead these types of excursions. This is especially true if you travel to a location that is new to you. Whichever route you choose to take, you should know that hiking trails are a great family activity.

3. Visit a Beach

No matter which coast you head to, you and your family have all kinds of activities you can enjoy when you visit a beach. You can opt for more secluded beaches away from tourists and all the very popular tourist attractions. Or, you could opt for a beach destination that has all the amenities any beach vacationer might want next door of just around the corner.

And while you might think that visiting a beach means you have to spend a lot of money on lodging, you do not have to do this. You have all kinds of lodging accommodations that are workable with any type of budget. Don’t forget. You also could plan a beach camping trip.

4. Service Projects

Have you ever volunteered your time with service projects? What about your family? Maybe you should think about organizing your family’s participation in a service project in your community. Not only will you be spending quality time together but you also will be helping people and causes that deserve your attention. It’s a great way to have fun and teach your family about how important it is to give back.

Ideas for you to consider are cleaning up local parks, removing litter from waterways, or sprucing up neglected neighborhoods. You could bake up some cookies and take them around to shut-ins. What if you ask for a list of veterans in your neighborhood and you host a party for them? Your ideas could be limitless, and you can check with an organization in or near your community should you need any assistance.

5. River Recreation

Whether your family has experience enjoying river sports or not, you all might enjoy river recreation. And if you are looking to plan a getaway this summer, then you have travel destinations that cut no corners when ensuring you have a good time on the river.

If you have ever wanted to visit California or if you already live in The Golden State, you should check out Kernville, CA. There you can find a full-service provider of river recreation where your family can enjoy all kinds of activities – water and non-water ones – including Lickety Split rafting.

Are You Ready for Summer?

If you cannot wait to lock down plans to make the most of this summer with your family, then you really should consider the five aforementioned suggestions. Whether you decide to give or more of these ideas a shot, you and your family are in for a good time.


Enjoy your summer!

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