4 Unique Design Ideas for Your Renovated Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom means that you finally get to turn this space into a welcoming retreat for a warm bath after a long day on your feet or a cool shower after spending time out in the sun. As you work with the contractor to assemble plans, consider some unique design features that can seriously improve the space.

Double Bowl Sink

This feature is particularly useful if you share the bathroom with a significant other or if you have multiple children who use the same bathroom. Instead of having to wait for siblings to finish brushing their teeth, everyone can get ready at the same time in the morning. This spacious option also provides you with more room for storage. You and your significant other can keep your toiletries in individual cabinets so that you don’t have to worry about searching through for your floss anymore.

Walk-in Jacuzzi Tub

Perhaps you find that your current bathtub isn’t long enough for you to stretch your legs or that you have trouble standing up after soaking in the suds for a while. Adding a walk-in jacuzzi tub can help you to enjoy baths again. In addition to relaxing in this new spa amenity, you also don’t have to worry about struggling to get up if the tub has seats along the side.

Different Colors

When you’re picking out wall tile for the new bathroom, you might initially swing toward all one color. Consider how using different colors of tiles might make the bathroom look bigger. For example, you might have one color near the sink area to distinguish it from the bathing area. Opting for multiple shades can make it seem as though the bathroom has different locations within it.

Towel Bar

If you’re tired of finding towels all over the bathroom floor, now is the time to install a towel bar in the bathroom. You can use this towel bar to hang up the hand towels, and you can also look into similar features for larger bath towels. For example, you may have shelves installed specifically to hold the towels so that you can stop cramming them underneath the bathroom sink. This option helps you to keep the bathroom looking tidy and assists in organization.


Whether you recently decided that you wanted to renovate the bathroom or you’ve been thinking about this project for a long time, consider design elements that bring the space to the next level. By doing so, you can have a bathroom that is truly an inviting space.

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  1. These design ideas not only improve the functionality of your bathroom but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal and comfort. Whether you prioritize practicality, luxury, or style, integrating these features can transform your bathroom into a more inviting and enjoyable space. Thanks for sharing!

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