Antique Retro Furniture:  Right Way To Restore Your Furniture

Contributed by Adam Wilson

Are you bored of the way your curtains have looked for the past decade? Do you hate seeing the same sofa in the house of all your friends? Well, what you are looking for is something that caters to high lifestyle and taste. There is an array of antique retro furniture restoration services available today, which cater to your unique taste and stand out in the common homes. Nevertheless, where do you find them? How do you select them from the huge list of antiques available online? When it comes to a luxury concierge, there is no stopping you from accessing the best and turning your home into a demi-paradise.

How to Deal with Carpentry and Polishing?

An antique retro furniture restoration consultant by the character of his work gets access to the most personal part of a person’s life- his home. A person’s home is a reflection of what he is. Likewise, it goes for his taste for the furniture too.

When taking up an antique retro furniture restoration job, the existing furniture should be examined thoroughly. Some pieces may be beautiful but may require a little touch-up. It may also happen that a few pieces do not go with the new theme. Thus, have to be discarded or redone. Under all these circumstances, the consultant should first understand what the client wants and then give his ideas and views as per the requirement of the customer.

Introducing an interesting piece of furniture in the room often does the trick. It looks appealing and grabs attention immediately. Apply antique retro furniture restoration technique in the living room where you can keep a cozy two-seater in the corner with a small coffee table in between.

  • Polishing the old furniture is the easiest way to make it look as good as new for antique retro furniture restoration. Doing the upholstery again on the basis of the new color scheme also helps in giving the house a new look. This helps in saving costs too. Take care that the curtains, the upholstery, and the color of the walls blend in properly and lookalike or something in contrast. None of these should stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Sometimes, the owners do not want to part away with certain furniture pieces, as they are dear to them. The consultant should understand the emotional attachment and give it due respect. It is here that the creativity of antique retro furniture restoration comes into play. He should be able to fit in the piece in a manner befitting its emotional value along with aesthetics of the room.
  • The antique retro furniture restoration consultant might need expert carpenters for such jobs. He should pick up a person who understands the requirements and is capable of doing the task. Many odd jobs are also involved namely fixing the doorjamb, the creaking window, the leg of the step stool, the handle on the drawer, etc. the list is long, but these tasks are such which need time and have to be taken care of. Such jobs need effective supervision and alertness.
  • To complete the antique retro furniture restoration look, it might involve getting new furniture from the scratch. The existing antique pieces that you may have like the cabinets in the kitchen, the wardrobes, beds, dressers, dining table, sofa sets, and display racks could be complemented with a couple of new ones for a cohesive look. Of course, you can always take the easier route of refurbishing.

The antique retro furniture restoration consultant should be able to handle the work pressure and deliver the approved designs at the right time. Whether new pieces are made, or the old ones are redone. In any case, do not overlook quality and finish.


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