What is the Role of a Gas Fitter in Your home?

Gas appliances or systems are the most common medium for heating purposes be it for residential or commercial use.  Gas being highly inflammable requires extreme precaution while being handled. To fit in these gas systems or equipment you would need services of a skilled professional.

gas fitters

A gas fitter is:

Skilled professionals who undertake the task of installing and servicing any natural gas fixture, or appliance besides equipment like gas meters, valves, burners, and regulators.

A gas fitting is:

When the installation, repair or any modification in gas equipment or appliances are undertaken by a gas fitter to ensure their safe working it is referred to as gas fitting. The fitting may include the securing or unfastening of gas pipes, flue pipes or ventilation pipes.  Gas fitting is done meticulously ensuring enough ventilation in the area where they have set up and includes any such methods which effectively control and implement safety measures.

What should be the credentials for choosing a gas fitter?

The gas fitter that you should choose should be qualified to perform the task and should hold an authentic license with the valid authority for both LPG and Natural Gas. Gas fitting is a delicate area of work and involves skill. A person who has been cleared by the licensing authority is bound to be knowledgeable about his service. Besides this license is a kind of permit that is given to the gas fitter to work legally as unlicensed work is prohibited and illegal. His qualifications give him an edge over others.

Other credentials that are important for securing the services of a gas fitter are their professional approach and their readiness to offer services during an emergency. Checking all documents of the gas fitter is important else you might be risking-

  • The insurance cover of your home may get affected

  • You may face issues if you want to sell your house

  • You may not be given the Code Compliance Certificate

gas fitters

What problems do a gas fitter resolves?

Gas fitting is often confused with plumbing, but they are different areas of expertise with each requiring different qualifications for proficient services. Usually when gas fitters are not available then plumbers take on the gas fitting work which may lead to accidents as gas fitting is a specialized occupation.

The gas fitter performs all these:

  • Reading and interpreting structural plans of a house to measure and mark apt location points for placement of gas equipment or system

  • Testing pipe works which are used for gas appliances

  • Installing gas pipes

  • Installing appliances which use gas and other related equipment

  • Installing flues for gas-powered appliances

  • Installing gas pressure regulating as well as gas detection systems

  • Informing customers about appropriate ways to maintain their gas run appliances Installing LPG systems on caravans and boats

  • Maintenance of gas appliances

  • Maintaining pipes and the other ancillary equipment needed for the safe operation of items which make use of flue gases.

How much do the services of a gas fitter cost?

Gas fitters usually charge on the basis of hourly services. The minimum that you can expect them to charge you per hour should be around $50-$90.   In case of contingencies, emergencies or some other factors like your being located in a remote area may instigate them to increase their charges. Their experience also contributes to a higher remuneration.

It is essential to abide by all the measures mentioned above, that lay stress on qualifications and license of the gas fitter. Even if they have an impressionable personality and seem well qualified, do not fall into their trap and hand them the work. Stay precautious and move ahead only after checking their documents.

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