4 Ways You Can Make Your House a Safe Place for Your Children

When you have children, you need to think about the safety of your home. There are outlets that children can play with as well as cabinets that they can open and close, possibly hurting their fingers while they are closing the cabinets. Fortunately, you can follow a few tips on making your home a safe haven for children of all ages with little time and money spent.

Outlet Covers

Since the outlets in the home are usually close to the floor, they are often the first things that children are attracted to when they begin crawling and walking. Use outlet covers on all of the outlets, even those that are higher on the wall, to prevent children from sticking fingers or other objects inside them. If you’re building a new home, consider hiding the outlets or positioning them so that they are all higher on the walls or above counters so that children can’t reach them.

Change the Hot Water Heater

Even though many children can’t turn on the hot water themselves or don’t know which knob controls the hot water, there is a possibility that they can get burned when they are playing in the tub or while using one of the sinks. One way you can help prevent severe burns from hot water is to turn the temperature of the water heater down. Around 120 degrees is a comfortable temperature for most people to take a shower and wash dishes while staying at a safe temperature for children. Test the water when your kids take a bath or a shower to ensure that it’s still not too hot for them.

Cords and Windows

While you might not think that windows could harm children, there are dangers associated with them that you can control. Use cordless blinds or shades on the windows so that children don’t get strangled. Make sure all of the windows have locks on them that children can’t reach, keeping windows locked at all times to prevent children from falling through screens. Bars on windows can also be installed to help keep children from falling out. Shutters installed by a company like Danmer Custom Window Coverings are also an option to consider as they don’t have cords at all.

Poisons and Chemicals

Children usually don’t know what is used for cleaning in the home or liquids that shouldn’t be consumed. Put all of the cleaners, poisons, and other chemicals in a cabinet that children can’t reach. You should also put a lock on the cabinet as an added security measure to keep older children from getting the products as well.

There are no safety measures in the home that are too small when it comes to making sure your kids are protected. Walk around the home to spot some of the dangers that might not be immediately seen before having children. Once you see what can be fixed and what needs to be removed, then you can begin working to make your home secure.

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