Tips for Switching To a New Energy Provider

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Now that deregulation has rolled out, competitive energy suppliers are reaching out to your neighborhood with offers that can save money. Learn how to choose the best electricity provider in Houston for you. See a list of competitive suppliers for your region. Compare their pricing, fees, and terms to find the right deal for your home.


If your local energy market is unregulated, you can switch your power provider or plan whenever you choose. However, it’s essential to do your homework before making a switch. You should know your current distribution rate, or price to compare, which includes your utility company’s charges for delivering energy to you (such as maintaining pipes and wires). You can also check rates and plans on the websites of competing third-party suppliers licensed by your state’s regulatory agency. Most suppliers offer a variety of rates and plan types, including fixed-price products with terms that range from a few months to several years. Ask about discounts, renewable energy options, and other perks. Some suppliers offer a free trial period to allow you to test their services before signing up for a contract.

Energy deals are available all year, but it needs updating during spring and fall when demand is lower. Prices are higher during peak-demand times because of the scarcity of energy. It’s also important to consider any early termination fees, which can be several hundred dollars or more. You can find this information on your existing supply contract or by calling your utility company. In addition, you can look up third-party suppliers on the website of your utility’s distribution department. Some of these sites also include information about CCA programs, which allow local governments to pool their electricity needs to get better prices from third-party energy suppliers.


When comparing electricity plans and prices, consider all the fees charged by the supplier and your local utility. This information is typically found on the supplier’s website and will help you determine whether a plan is right for you. Also, if your current contract is close to ending, check for early termination fees that may apply. These fees could be several hundred dollars or more. The internet has made shopping for power supplies much more accessible than ever. You can enter your ZIP code to view a list of suppliers that serve your area, including their plans and pricing. This information at your fingertips can make switching energy suppliers easy, even for those still determining if they will save money. You can also check the company’s complaint history and customer service online to see how well your neighbors rate them. Despite the increased competition in the energy supply business, consumers should remember that changing suppliers does not guarantee better or more reliable service. The public utilities still control the power lines and poles that connect to your home and are responsible for outages and other issues. Therefore, you should always call your public utility if you have problems with your service.

Contract length

When you switch energy suppliers, it is essential to consider the length of your contract. While most energy companies offer flexible contracts, it is still necessary to consider your business’s energy consumption history and future needs when choosing a plan. A long-term contract may allow you to lock in a lower rate for the duration of your agreement. It can be a good option if the market price dips and you want to save money.

In addition to the term of your contract, you should also consider how many options the supplier offers for pricing. For example, some suppliers provide a predictable billing plan that allows you to pay a flat monthly amount throughout the year and protects you from seasonal bill spikes. Other suppliers offer a fixed price option, which gives you a guaranteed rate for the entire contract term, regardless of market prices. The best time to switch energy suppliers is when the market is good. However, you should never enter a new contract that interferes with your current agreement, which could result in cancellation fees. For this reason, you should run an electricity comparison as soon as your switching window opens to ensure you get the best deal. If you need clarification on your contract terms, it’s worth contacting an energy professional to help you understand them.

Customer Service

You can select a different power supplier if your local energy market is unregulated. Many switch to saving money, getting better customer support, or using green energy options. However, deciding whether or not switching is worth it requires some research and comparisons. If you’re looking for a cheap rate, consider comparing the prices of different providers online. Also, check if they offer any introductory prices or promotions. Lastly, compare fees and contract terms to find the best deal. Shopping around when your current plan expires is also a good idea. This way, you can decide before your supplier charges an early termination fee.

Another factor to consider is how much your chosen company values customer service.  When choosing an energy supplier, it’s essential to understand the difference between your local public utility and a third-party power supplier. Your public utility is responsible for the infrastructure that delivers the electricity to your home, including the power lines and poles. It’s not the responsibility of your new energy supplier to improve unreliable service. However, your new energy supplier can help you resolve a problem with your utility.

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