Tips For Decorating With a French Cottage Style

If you crave the delightful textures of natural wood, the spontaneity of distressed furniture and the glimmer of golden, glam accessories, you will love the French cottage style of decor. To get your aesthetic trending towards this style, start to add in some of the following elements.

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3 Modern-Day Decorating Tips For Your Guest Room

Guest rooms are wonderful for those who have frequent visitors. Unfortunately, they can also be difficult to decorate. These rooms need to serve a very specific function, but they also need to be inviting design spaces of their own. If you want to have a better guest room, you should think about adding the modern touches below.
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4 Tips for Decorating With Your Husband in Mind


Decorating a home is often, but not always, among a wife’s many tasks. They may use designs that are put together specifically to appeal to the woman in the household. However, creating an appealing and comfortable space for the husband is also important. These 4 tips will help you to decorate with your husband in mind, to make it a more functional living space.

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4 Safety Issues to Consider When Decorating Your Home

Whether you’re looking for an entirely new look or want to celebrate an upcoming holiday, decorating is one great way to refresh your mind and home. While you may just want to go crazy decorating your heart out, there are some things you need to consider. Safety is the most important. Here are four safety issues you must consider when decorating your home.

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Understand What Your Kids And Pets Can Reach

If you have pets or small children, you need to consider them when you’re decorating your home. Keeping objects that could be dangerous to them a safe distance away is a must. For example, consider putting your pictures high up on the wall and those floating shelves out of reach of your children. Any decor items that are close to the floor or sitting on your end tables can be within reaching distance for your small children.

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4 Ways to Make Your Home More Modern

The world is constantly changing around us especially in regards to home design and decor. As a homeowner, we take notice of the trends and fashionable styles that make our homes more contemporary. If you have no idea where to start, here are some ways you can make your home look more modern.

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Interior Decorating Secrets

Interior decoration has never been easy. Whether it is for our home, office or store, décor can make a big difference. Unfortunately, even if we have a vague idea of what we want, many of us don’t have the required skill set to bring together the various elements of a space. So, if we have the budget, we rely on interior designers to make our precious space look beautiful. Or, we read through numerous articles and scroll through various inspiring pictures to help us out. But…what is it that makes designer décor look so fabulous?

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Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow: Holiday Outdoor Decorating Tips

Contributed by Cate Palmer


The holiday season is here and all of a sudden, everything feels better. Some can’t wait to have some time off from work, others like the snow. For most, it’s about family and values we all keep close to our hearts: love, friendship and kindness.

This is one of the main reasons people enjoy decorating their homes and sharing that festive euphoria with the world. The real challenge, though, is turning your outdoors into the merry scenery ready to welcome guests in your home and carol singers at your doorstep.
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A Cozier Kitchen: 4 Decorating Pointers to Make Your Kitchen Shine

The kitchen is typically one of the most frequently used rooms of a house. In addition to being a place to prepare meals, it’s often a gathering place for family and friends. This is a room that you can easily personalize to reflect your interests and showcase your personality.

Kitchen Lighting

There are specific places in a kitchen where lighting is necessary in order to make meal preparation and clean up easier. Lighting over the sink and above an island can be considered functional lighting. Pendant lighting and chandeliers are two examples of functional lighting that can be found in amazingly unique styles. Let your personality shine through your lighting selection. Mood or colored lighting underneath an island top or under cabinets is another way to express your flair for design in your kitchen.

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