You Know Your Child is Smart, But Why Don’t Their Grades Show It?

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

Even if your child doesn’t make straight A’s in school, you know your child is smart. This is a common scenario with many families. You see the brilliant mind of your child, but the grades that are brought home don’t reflect the intellect that you know is present. Fortunately, there are a few ideas to keep in mind that might offer a reason as to why you don’t see an exceptional report card.

Bury the Boredom

If the class work is too easy, then your child might get bored in class. Assignments are completed ahead of schedule, and tests are finished within minutes of being received. When your child doesn’t have anything to do in class, then your child might begin to talk or do other things to stay occupied. This can sometimes mean lower grades because work that needs to get done isn’t being completed. Ask the teacher to give harder assignments or to enroll your child in a challenging class.

Seek Professional Opinions

At times, you might not understand why your child doesn’t perform well in school. Visit with a psychologist, such as one from NeuroHealth Arlington Heights, who can dig a bit deeper into what might be going on in the mind of your child to get a better idea of why the grades aren’t good. There could be a learning disability that you don’t know about, such as dyslexia, that would prevent your child from reading properly when taking tests or completing assignments.

Learn the Teaching Style

Not every teacher teaches the same way. The subject material might be the same, but some teachers might incorporate a little fun in the classroom while others might stick straight to books and paper. The style of teaching can play a role in how well your child does in class. If your child doesn’t enjoy how their teacher delivers lessons or the way that the work is written or given, then it might not make sense. Consider talking to the school to get your child in a new class.

Hide the Habits

If your child stays up late at night and doesn’t eat healthy foods, then it can begin to have an impact on the grades. Your child might be sleepy in school and not be able to concentrate. Avoid buying junk food, and set a time to go to bed each night to get a good night’s sleep for the next day.

Your child could be the smartest one in the class, but if there are issues with learning and the environment, then the grades might not show that intellect. Talk to your child about what is going on in class, examining the teaching methods and the work. Sometimes, a bit of professional intervention could be needed to get an understanding of what’s going on in the mind.

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