4 Baby Shower Ideas Your Family Will Love

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Baby showers are exciting celebrations for the newest member of any given family. While it’s traditional to throw a baby shower, most people can attest to attending a baby shower that seems to never end. You don’t want that to be your story. Consider the following ways you can create a baby shower that your family and friends will love and remember for years.

Fun Atmosphere

A baby shower should be celebratory. People usually think that the decorations should be either pink or blue. This can look outdated quickly. If you don’t know the sex of the child or don’t care for traditional colors try fun themes like baby animals or add different shades. Instead of plastering a wall with light pink add blushes, hot pinks, and golds. Gradients are fun and you can reuse the decorations. You can make banners out of paper pads sold at Michaels that can go with everything from a mermaid theme to a rustic-chic look.

If your family has a pet name for the baby like “honey” or “sugar bear” you can give little honey bottles with the baby’s name. Be creative and use pet names the expecting couple use to try and personalize the decor, or if you already know the baby’s name and it’s a girl, there’s still room to be creative, after all, unique girl names like Summer or Sydney can be used for decor.


You can play traditional bottle-feeding games or stuff diapers with chocolate. Some newer games you can play are Drawful 2  or Kahoots a computer or gaming device. These are interactive games that are like Pictionary, Family Feud, and Charades. The best part is that you can make your own prompts so you can customize it with prompts and use the names of your friends.

Serve finger foods instead of a large meal

Typically, a baby shower tends to be a stop people make in the midst of their day. You don’t want to weigh them down with heavy foods. Plus, if it’s a light, festive occasion, it’s better to keep the food light. However, you can find a happy medium by providing lots of hearty appetizers. You can place the appetizers around the perimeter of the room. People can grab what they’d like from each station. Fresh fruit platters, chips with various dips, and charcuterie boards will work perfectly. Keep aluminum trays of meatballs, chicken wings, and empanadas warm by placing them over canned heat. It’s even a great idea to place slices of French baguette loaves in a warm tray. Drizzle the bread with herb-infused olive oil for extra flavor. With a mixture of hot and cold appetizers, your guests will be very happy.

Maintain a simple schedule

While games are tons of fun, try not to overcrowd the schedule. This is a time for everyone to celebrate the baby, interact with friends, and connect. While it’s nice to have one or two games, leave room for people to socialize and connect with the parents as they please.

Once you’ve defined a theme, that can help you build decor and get more creative. Make sure you’re not the only one putting your shower together. If anything, ask a couple of friends to set up the place so that you can relax. Ideally, it’s great to hire a party planner. Relay these details to them for flawless execution of your vision.

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