When to Visit A Podiatrist to Get Rid of Feet and Ankle Problems

We do not give too much importance to our feet unless we experience pain and find it difficult to walk or move. A podiatrist can treat problems like bunion pain, ankle disorders and all type of problems related to your feet. Podiatrists are qualified medically to handle problems related to feet and ankles and they can also perform surgeries if required. Foot and ankle problems are the most common problems among the elders who often prefer to visit a podiatrist for instant solutions. Though foot and ankle problems often vanish with time, prolonged treatment in some cases is required.

Now the question is, when should you visit experts for your foot or ankle problem? This article will highlight the exact time and the need of visiting podiatrists when your feet and ankles are giving you a hard time.

The Occurrence of Sudden Deformity

The sudden deformity is one of the common reasons that force people to visit a specialist. Charcot arthropathy is a type of deformity that develops suddenly. If you have become the victim of such a disorder, you will experience pain, redness and swollen feet.

This disorder can develop if you have broken your bones or they have just slipped from their place. If you ignore it, then it may lead to foot deformity or any other disorder that can give you a hard time to cope with. If you are going through such a condition, never hesitate to visit a podiatrist.

Having a Lump or Bump

If a lump or bump is growing in your foot, then it can be a serious issue for you. If you ignore it for a long period of time, then it will grow bigger and cause hard pain. Thus, before the situation gets worse, you should visit the clinic of a specialist, who can examine the condition and suggest the best treatment available for you.

A normal pump or bump can become a tumor that often requires surgery if medicines do not work. An experienced podiatrist can understand the intensity of the disorder prescribe the accurate treatment for this.

The Possibility of Tendon Dysfunction

This is also a common feet disorder, where you may find one-foot flatter than the other. If you experience such unusual condition, you may consider it as a symptom of tendon dysfunction. Such a disorder develops when a tendon fails to work properly.

The condition can lead to arthritis if you ignore it for a long period of time. If you visit a podiatrist and treat the disorder in the early stages, you can avoid serious damages.

Feeling Pain When Moving

If you are suffering pain that increases with feet and ankle movement, it can be a symptom of a stress fracture. In such situations, you should stay away from the activities that increase the pain and visit a specialist for accurate treatment.

Remember, this disorder is curable if it is diagnosed and treated on time. If you pay attention to it early, you can prevent it to become severe. If you ignore it for a prolonged time and avoid visiting a podiatrist, it will turn into a broken bone.


If you experience decreased feeling in your feet, it can be the case of neuropathy. This is one of the common health disorders among old age people and diabetes is one of the key reasons behind the disorder. With this condition, you will need the help of podiatrists if you want to avail a long-term solution for this problem. In addition, you can also invest in insoles for neuropathy in order to help ease the condition’s symptoms. 


These are some of the key problems, where you should consider visiting an experienced podiatrist for accurate treatment. Pain, swelling, and numbness are some of the key signs of foot disorders for which you must visit the experts.


Guest post contributed by Lara Buck

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  1. I greatly appreciate you stating that small bumps on your feed should not be ignored and be treated immediately or else they will grow larger. I’ve recently noticed that a small painful area around my foot has developed into a small bump that hurts every time I step on it, but I simply ignored it thinking it would go away. Now that I know what it could really mean, I’ll look for a podiatrist in the area that can hopefully help me cure other potential conditions with my foot.

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