How to Make Your Backyard Swimming Pool Safe for Your Kids and Pets

Since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated with pools. In fact, the first record of a pool, or bath back then, is from five thousand years ago in one of the Pakistani city’s settlements. People have come a long way since The Great Bath, and now you can find an aesthetically pleasing family pool in almost any Australian house. It’s the centre of activity during summers, which is why safety should be a priority aside from fun. Children and pets can often stop paying attention to their surroundings when they’re playing and the consequences could be fatal. So as to avoid that fate, here’s how to keep your family safe around the pool.

1. Purchase pool covers

Pool covers can be a very useful asset because most accidents occur when the pool is not in use- just the backyard. When you have pool covers, you can simply eliminate the danger entirely. There’s no risk of anyone falling in when there’s nowhere to fall in.

What’s more, pool covers will keep things clean. There’s no danger of leaves or other things falling in, and it saves time on cleaning. Finally, they’re especially useful during the evenings and nights when your pet or child can wander out and one wrong step could send them to the water.

2. Educate them on safety

Proper education can easily solve most problems. Teach your children to be responsible by firmly explaining the consequences of carelessness around the pool area. Even if you have small children, you can still illustrate that being alone outside is a no-no.

When it comes to your pet, treat it as you would treat a two-year-old. That is to say, teach it the backyard is off limits without you there and show it where it can play without consequences.

3. Don’t let anyone out without supervision

Adult supervision is a must, especially if you have a small child. Don’t let your children play outside by themselves as they can easily get carried away and end up hurt before you make it down to the backyard.

If your child is a bit older, but you’re still scared about their safety, you can go for the digital option. There are sensors which alert you if the person has walked out of preset limits or if a non-swimmer enters the pool. This way, you’ll be teaching your child to be independent and responsible but still have their back if anything goes awry.

4. Get a pool fence

More and more people in Australia are hearing about the benefits of glass pool fences. They look classy and aren’t hard to install while offering high levels of safety. You might think that the pool will look like a prison enclosed with a fence, but due to the design, that’s not remotely true.

What’s more, you can just fence up the most dangerous part of the pool. Of course, you should always ask the best glass pool fencing Gold Coast based companies for more advice on where to install the fence. It also allows for a peace of mind whether you’re lounging inside or outside the pool. That means you don’t have to be as tense and worried about anyone falling in and can enjoy your day outside, too.

5. Introduce your child and pet to the water early

It’s beneficial for a child to learn how to swim form a young age for more reasons than one. This is a skill they’ll need later in life, it opens up their world, and most importantly, it keeps them safe. If your kid knows how to swim and isn’t afraid of water, there are bound to be little to no consequences if they fall in.

As far as your pet is concerned, you can take them into the pool with you and make sure they have a positive experience. Most animals know how to swim naturally, but not all of them like water. If your pet enjoys the water with you, they’re more likely not to be scared and just swim away on the off chance they fall into the pool.


As you can see, the changes you need to introduce to your backyard don’t have to be drastic. Just pay some extra attention to the details and you’re bound to have fun with the whole family, without the issue of safety looming over you. After all, you’ll always have the best time when the terrain has been secured and prepared because you’ll know there’s nothing to fear aside from a little sunburn.



Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.

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