Things to Know Before Using Above Ground Opening Pool Chemicals


Every pool owner is looking forward to the arrival of warm days and the beginning of the swimming season. Winter has passed quickly, and you just can’t wait to jump into the pool. Provided you have done the pool closing well, the opening should be a piece of cake. 

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Things You Need to Know About Cheap Glass Pool Fencing

No matter whether you have a luxurious rooftop pool or a normal garden area pool, the essence of having your own swimming pool will never be complete without having the proper pool fencing. And by fencing, we mean the glass fences which are becoming the style statement all across the world. The see-through or tinted glass fences make the area look like an ethereal enclosure, with the clear blue water of the pool making a clear contrast against the glass frames.

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How to Make Your Backyard Swimming Pool Safe for Your Kids and Pets

Since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated with pools. In fact, the first record of a pool, or bath back then, is from five thousand years ago in one of the Pakistani city’s settlements. People have come a long way since The Great Bath, and now you can find an aesthetically pleasing family pool in almost any Australian house. It’s the centre of activity during summers, which is why safety should be a priority aside from fun. Children and pets can often stop paying attention to their surroundings when they’re playing and the consequences could be fatal. So as to avoid that fate, here’s how to keep your family safe around the pool.

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How to Use Swimming Pool Coping Tiles to Make Your Pool Area Look Brand New

In summer all you want to do is sit by the pool, pour yourself a nice drink and enjoy the day. However old and dirty paving by the pool can ruin the experience. When your pool area is looking dull and the tiles have lost their color you know it’s time for a makeover! Natural stone is the ideal stone for swimming pool floors. This is because of its characteristics of being saltwater resistant, non-slippery, and natural stone does not change color when it comes in contact with chlorine. There are many companies out there which can give your pool area a makeover using swimming pool coping tiles and surround paving using different kinds of natural stones like granite, sandstone (Himalayan Quartz), travertine, limestone, quartzite, and marble. These stones are durable, resistant and are safe by all measures and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
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Top Reasons to Take Your Family’s Swimming Pool Cleanliness Seriously

America’s swimming pools are disgusting. According to the nation’s top medical experts, many public swimming pools contain unacceptably high amounts of dangerous bacteria. You may believe that your backyard pool insulates you and your family from exposure to these bacteria. Unfortunately, that is not the case. These are a few parts of your body that are at risk from water-related infections in your swimming pool.

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6 Dangerous Poolside Habits to Break with Kids

There are few better ways to enjoy warm weather and sunshine with kids and family than out to a swimming pool. But even with all the great aspects of pool ownership, swimming pools can also be dangerous. According to the US CDC, fatal drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children age 1-14 behind motor vehicle crashes.

The things we teach to our children and how we teach it to them is an important part of keeping them safe. Be sure your children understand the importance of pool safety and break them of any dangerous habits early. Use this list as an instructional guide to help keep their poolside experiences enjoyable and safe for all.

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Best Relaxing Home Feature: Pool or Sauna?

How do you best relax at the end of a long and hard day? For some people, a nice cup of tea and warm waffle can do the trick. For others, it’ll have to be a glass of a fuzzy and yummy alcohol-free cocktail, preferably served in a place that plays loud and trendy music. But ultimately, when you’re at home, you need to find something that works for you. While having a cup of tea or biting in a cookie sounds like an indulgent treat, the relaxing properties of both these elements are still yet to be demonstrated. In fact, if you want to be able to leave your worries at the door when you get home, you need to create a space that is entirely dedicated to your relaxation. Here’s a hint for you: It can’t be your bedroom. Relaxing and sleeping are two very different things. It’s about freeing up your mind and your body from the toxins accumulated throughout the day. And there are two excellent ways of doing so, depending on whether you like a cool or a warm environment. Will it be a pool or a sauna?

Dry sauna to relax

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Advantages of Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Home

Guest post contributed by Chelsea Watterston

What comes to your mind when you think of or see a swimming pool? For most people, they think of fun summer memories—of swimming parties when they were kids and family barbecues by the poolside now that they’re adults. But pools can give you more advantages other than just a couple of hours of fun in the sun. Read on to learn what they are:
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