7 Amazing Items Every Puppy Parent Must Own

Puppies are like human babies. They give you love, affection, and in return, your job is to ensure their survival. It is both a responsibility and pleasure to every dog owner. With the right accessories, it will be a lot easier for you to keep your pet warm, fed, bathed, and train it to live in the new environment.

The seven amazing items on this list will ensure that your young furry friend doesn’t do much damage to itself or your belongings. However, you might still have the occasional chewed chair or shoe in the beginning. 


Nothing says, “Home, sweet home” like a comfy bed. Even your pet needs a personal place to relax and get some sleep. They are different shapes, designs, and sizes of dog beds. Ensure the one you choose is portable enough to carry on your journeys. 

You don’t need a fancy and expensive option. All your puppy needs are warm and soft bedding to protect the skin from calluses and bones from arthritis. So, an old pillow and blankets may do. 

Whether bought or homemade, the bed should be washable and durable (able to withstand the attacks of your puppy’s teeth). This is one of the top pet supplies you should get for your puppy. 


Dog crates are good for housetraining and transporting pets. You can keep your puppy in the crate to prevent it from causing trouble or injuring itself when no one is available to watch it. The crate should have enough room for your pet to stretch and may even include bedding and toys.

Don’t keep your puppy enclosed in the crate for an extended period because your pet won’t want to sully its personal space with poop and urine. 

Collar and harness

A collar is one of the bare possessions of every dog and its owner. It acts as an ornament, holds the leash, and may even include your pet’s ID tag. Consider the size of your puppy when choosing a collar. Although puppies soon outgrow their collars, you want one that is comfortable and adjustable. Check frequently to identify when your pet needs a new one. 

Harnesses are more of a comfort item than a necessity. A collar does the same job well, but the harness is better for walking puppies and big dogs because they allow more control to the walker. This makes them more appropriate for puppies that are prone to fright, distraction, wriggle free of the collar, or get tangled on their leashes. It offers better coordination and protection because you will be directing the dog instead of dragging it. 

Therefore, every puppy parent needs both a collar and a harness.


You don’t want to take your puppy into a public space without using a leash. The excited little guy may end up running wild and upsetting people. It might run into the middle of traffic and endanger itself, your life, or those of people doing about their business.

A leash should be efficient, attractive, and comfortable. It should be firm but light, durable, waterproof, and just the right length (not too long or short) for puppies. It is an essential accessory that you need walking your small dog.


If you don’t get your puppy toys to play with, it will turn your properties into toys. That is how you end up with chewed and scratched chairs or shoes. 

There are many options to choose from, but the basics include chew toys and those that can be used to play fetch. Chew toys entertain your puppy, exercise its jaws, and keep its teeth clean. 


Every puppy parent needs bowls from which their pets will drink fresh water, milk, or eat that quality dog feed. They need more than one bowl to avoid serving liquids and solids in the same container. 

There are various types of dog bowls with different sizes and heights, made from different materials. Plastic and stainless bowls are the cheapest and most durable. 

Your puppy’s bowl should sit on the group and not be too high or too big for the little guy. 

Poop bags 

You will need a lot of cleaning supplies. So, it’s only appropriate to close this list with the least glamorous but most easy-to-forget item, poop bags. This item is essential for both hygiene and legal reasons. 

Dogs, for all their cuteness, can’t clean up after themselves. That is your legal and ethical duty. Therefore, every dog owner should have a healthy supply of poop bags. Everybody’s lives would be easier that way.  



Try to get every item on this before or soon after getting your puppy. They will get you started. However, there is a lot more to add to your toolkit.  You still have to find the right feed, medications, tracker, or ID tag for your pet. These decisions require professional help. You can get help or discover more fantastic items at trusted pet stores.

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