10 Practical Wedding Planning Tips You Can Actually Use

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Got engaged and excited about your wedding day? Planning for a wedding could be overwhelming because every couple fancies a perfect wedding. If you are not sure where to start, read the ten useful wedding planning tips below from start to finish! 

  1. Set your Wedding Budget

No money, no honey. Establish how much you are going to spend the BIG day. It’s natural for couples to want a grand and luxurious wedding but there is no point going into debt just because of it. As much as possible, you create a checklist of where you are going to spend for the ceremony, reception, attire and other wedding stuff. Prioritize what’s important and separate your wants from your needs. Buy what you simply want if you have the extra budget after all your needs are covered.

  1. Choose the perfect wedding date

Decide the perfect wedding date for you and for your guests as this will have a big impact on your big day. Take the weather into consideration. The best time to get married is in the summer and fall seasons as it is unquestionably beautiful and the weather is almost perfect for a wedding. You should think twice before getting married on holiday like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. Your guest might have other plans for the holiday instead of celebrating the big day with you.

  1. Research well

By the time you set your budget, it’s time to research the things you need for your wedding. You can look for vendors and wedding suppliers on conventions.

Look for the people you need for the wedding like a wedding planner, wedding videographer, and photographers. Sometimes wedding packages are being offered to save time and money.

You need to find quality wedding rentals as well. Say, for example, if you are from San Diego, look out for best San Diego wedding rentals.

You can find quality wedding furniture like wedding benches for rent to make your wedding venue look gorgeous. So, research well ahead of time and book early to ensure everything takes place smoothly.  

  1. Create your guest list

Start your guest list as early as possible. Think about who you invite to the wedding and also the seating arrangements per different groups of people from your work, family, and friends. Make sure to be realistic about the number of guests. Knowing how many guests will arrive determines the size of your venue. So prepare your guest list early to avoid the stress. If you are planning to invite 200 guests, you can divide the list among your parents where they can invite 50 each and 100 for both of you as a couple.

  1. Shop early for your attire

The wedding won’t be complete without your stunning wedding dress and the whole wedding entourage that’s goes along with it. Shopping early for your attire is good as this can take a long time to decide on the style, fitting and also the color you want for the wedding. You can shop online as long as you know your measurements from your bust, waist, and hips as this can lessen the ease of looking for the perfect fit. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy second-hand attires and have it tailored-fit to save money.

  1. Plan your wedding together

Don’t forget your partner in planning the wedding. He may have ideas to share with you that he wants to see it realized. Remember this is both your wedding and spending some time doing things together will take the time of stress or fights that you may have. This is also an exercise for both of you to start your life together as a life partner since both of you planned to stay together for a long time.

  1. Reserve your slots early

After carefully researching for the things you need to purchase for your wedding, you might want to book your slots early. This could be hotels, flights, venue, make-up artists or music band you need for the wedding. Securing all these things early can give you options for last-minute surprises plus it can save you time and money.

  1. Order customized wedding items early  

Rings, cakes, flowers, and decorations are usually the ones being ordered for personalization. Make sure to decide the on the style you want according to your budget when you are choosing your flowers, cakes, and decors. Make sure there is time to order for customized wedding bands as this takes time to make.

  1. Think about your ride

How do you want to arrive at your venue? By limo, town car or by driving yourself? Choose an option that works best for both of you. Transportation can get your day smooth or awkward without knowing the right car for your wedding. If unsure of which car to use, there are car companies that offer special rides like vintage cars, town cars or limousine for booking. It’s also nice to have a separate vehicle for your guests if your venue is far from the reception area, so they don’t have to walk, commute or worry where to ride.

  1. Relax and enjoy!

The stress could be really agonizing if you are planning on every detail of your wedding. Take time to relax and enjoy the journey with your partner. You want to remember your big day as fun and memorable, so don’t overindulge with the wedding blues. Remember this is a once in a lifetime celebration so make the most out of it.


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