The Ultimate Preparedness Checklist for Your Next Hunting Trip

Hunting trips are fantastic as you get a real experience with nature and its beauty. However, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done to make the day worthwhile and enjoyable. You’ll only have the things you remember to take with you to rely on while you’re out hunting, and it is essential to carry what is necessary.

Never carry a pack with extra weight when going on your hunting trip. If you are hiking around, you will be fatigued at the end of the day if you’re carrying too much. Don’t carry more than you are used to carrying. However, you shouldn’t pack too light because you may forget something vital. Different hunters have different opinions on what to pack for their hunting trips. For instance, some may want to carry additional ammunition for their ar/m4 gen m2 magazine, whilst others would opt to use the storage space for extra food and water. Here is a checklist for your next hunting trip.

Hunting License

The first thing on your list should be to check your hunting license. You need to have it with you on your trip, and you need to ensure that it is still valid. The last thing you want is missing your trip because a game warden checked your hunting license and it turned out to be invalid. Obtain your Florida state hunting license online at


You will likely be walking almost the entire day, and there is nothing more important than water. Dehydration can lead to many issues from crankiness to heat stroke. Water should be the heaviest thing in your pack. There are many ways you can carry these, such as a traditional water bottle, a collapsible container. Take a water filter or purifier with you too as a backup, just in case you end up needing to drink water from a stream or other natural body of water. You’ll likely need three to five liters in a day.


When you need to dress an animal in the dark, a useful resource will be a headlamp. Choose a headlamp with a longtime run if you are in for long trips. Most headlamps are lightweight; you likely won’t even notice you have it in your pack.

First Aid Kit

You should always have a first aid kit in your pack. In case you cut yourself with a knife, get a blister on your feet, or end up in any of a number of other situations, the kit should sort the situation. Your kit should have hand sanitizer, antibiotic cream, antihistamines, and ibuprofen. In case of bleeding or blisters, you should pack moleskin, gauze, and several types of bandages. Finally, add in any of your regular medication that you might need. For example, if you have a severe allergy, bring your epipen.


It goes without saying as you will be hunting throughout the day, you will likely get very hungry and need to load up on calories and nutrition. Carry a mixture of nuts in your pack, enough to snack on for the day. You can also carry some pre-packaged dried or canned food for mealtimes.

Hunting Backpack

The type of backpack you carry is also essential. Not all bags are meant for hunting trips. The pack you take will depend on the type of hunting you’re planning on doing. For example, if you’re going waterfowl hunting or if the area you’re hunting in tends to be wet and marshy, use a waterfowl hunting backpack. This kind of pack will be more water resistant than other packs, which will better protect the tools and supplies you bring with you. A backpack like this is perfect for any hunting trip because it protects gear like calls and other hunting equipment from the elements.

You may need to make some effort to make your hunting trip successful. Start by checking the above checklist. You want the day to be enjoyable, so pack only what is necessary for the day. 

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