Buying a Home? 4 Services You Should Have on Hand After the Purchase

Buying a home is one of the most exciting life changes you will experience. However, few homes are perfect, and after taking possession of your new abode, it’s a good idea to have it checked out by these four professionals.

Pest Management

Most homes deal with one or more types of pest invasions while occupied. Have your new residence inspected by a pest control expert who can check for unseen as well as known pests. Carpenter ants, wasp or bee nests, and termites need to be identified and brought under immediate control before they cause structural damage or personal injury. Attic wildlife like bats or raccoons can result in costly repairs. Basement mice and rats quickly multiply and could overrun your home. Schedule an inspection to address potential and actual pest issues like these.


Your home’s heating and cooling system needs to operate accurately to ensure indoor comfort. Damaged or broken systems should be repaired promptly to prevent electrical shocks or fires. Get the system inspected and request needed maintenance to keep both units operating efficiently, effectively, and safely all year round.

Foundation Repair

You may or may not be able to see foundation problems by walking around the outside of the property or inspecting the basement. Common warning signs of structural failure include crumbling, shifting, and cracks. Pay for a professional foundation specialist to examine your home’s structure for any indicators that problems are developing. You don’t want rain or melting snow to seep into the foundation, nor do you want your house to eventually tilt or slant due to a sinking foundation on one or more sides. At that point, repairs may be extensive and require heavy equipment use, which can be very expensive.

Roof Services

The roof is another area of concern because it serves as a potential point of entry into your home for moisture of various kinds, like rain or snow. A roof that has been damaged by heavy limbs falling from nearby trees is another consideration. Have your roof checked for leaks, broken or missing shingles, chimney issues, or problems with the gutters and downspouts. Take care of the noted problems soon to avoid serious damage later.

A house newly purchased truly becomes your home when you move in and settle down to your new surroundings. Make sure the house is in good condition by getting key areas checked and making necessary repairs as soon as possible.


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