When Is the Best Time to Rent a Car? 5 Occasions to Book One

When is the best day to rent a car? Anyday! That brand new car, convertible, luxury, off-road, whatever your heart desires can be found for your special day. Make it an extra special day when the theme is magnified by a themed car too! Whether it’s a prom-posal, a gender reveals, or an anniversary-themed event, take it up a notch and theme the car! While literally, any day is a good day, if you need some ideas, below are five specific occasions to book a rental car that you could set up with just a little planning.

Valentine’s Day 

How could you create an amazing day? Just think about Valentine’s day, where any gift is likely wrapped up in brilliant red. Coordinating everything in red takes the excitement up a notch! Renting that cherry red convertible and sporting a red tie, what better way to show up to your significant other’s job at the end of a long day saying “Let’s take a ride!”

Going Camping

Camping is one of those occasions where a rental car may be necessary! Glamp it up with a 4 wheel drive, off-roading vehicle that you can pack up all the gear into and will help you get into and out of the woods easily.

Road Tripping with a whole crew

Kids always want to bring friends with them when going on vacation. Two kids turn into four kids and the more the merrier to avoid the fighting between siblings! Renting a larger vehicle with the third row of seats can provide the extra space you need to separate the kid and create much-needed peace when driving a long distance.

Having a birthday party

You could not only get a rental car, but you could also get a formal car hire with a driver. This way you can sit back and relax and not have to think about anything other than having fun and celebrating. Let the driver take you all around town. You could even get a larger formal car and pick up friends as you go for a little scavenger hunt until all your friends are with you!

Don’t forget the parents: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

What a treat on their special day, when the kids show up in a shiny new, clean, vehicle to escort to brunch or a tailgate. Of course, they will ask if it is yours! Parents and grandparents alike will be delighted to be treated like royalty as they play with the kids in the back of the car without a care in the world.

Final Word

No matter what the occasion, coordinating the right rental car along with the right fit for the adventure you are going on can make all the difference. All it takes is a little bit of forethought and a phone call to ensure the right rental car is ready for you. The car rental business is booming, so rent your car today!


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