Different Types of Engagement Diamond Rings


Engagement is a ceremony in which the bride and groom exchange rings. Males usually purchase diamond ring which comes in various styles. Many types of styles and designs for engagement diamond rings are available in the market. Today the engagement ring is purchased on the basis of trend and tradition that is going on. There are many types of engagement diamond rings and in this article we will talk about some of them.

Double Diamond Style

The fashion of double diamond style was considered old but now this style is again being preferred. The style has been adopted by many celebrities and that is the reason of its popularity. The two diamonds present in the ring depicts the two partners who are being engaged. In the traditional design, the size of both the stones was kept same. In this style, different shapes and sizes of diamonds are used.


Solitaire engagement ring is a traditional style engagement diamond rings in which only one diamond is placed in the ring. This diamond stone is placed on a simple bend to make the ring. Claw setting can also be used in this type of ring. People who love simple design can purchase this type of ring. One more feature of this type of ring is that it will always remain in fashion.


Pave setting on the ring can be used to make personalized ring. Tiny diamonds are embedded in the ring and it sparkles because of the presence of so many diamonds. The buyer will also have the option to remove some diamonds and add birthstone of his choice. This will improve the design of pave ring.


Cluster is a setting in which many small stones are combined together to make engagement diamond rings. Another name for this type of ring is illusion ring. Cluster diamonds are used to increase the glow of the ring at an affordable price. The cluster can be made in different shapes like circle, square, rectangle, etc.


Halo is an engagement ring style in which the stone is set in the center. The stone shines when light reflects on it. The center stone is surrounded by diamonds and this setting is called halo. If white diamond is set in the center, it will look large because of the halo of diamonds surrounding it.


The cathedral setting of a diamond ring is liked by people who love traditional design. The diamond is supported by the metal with the help of shoulders and shank. A curve is also present in the ring that resembles a cathedral. Pave diamonds can be used with this ring if more sparkling is required.

Three Stone Style

Another name for this style of ring is trilogy style. This is an engagement ring that consists of three stones. It is believed that these stones depict past present, and future. The rings are of different types and the difference depends upon the types of stones that are used. The popular style of this stone includes a large diamond which is laced at the center. Other two diamonds are paced at the side of the large diamond. Another type of trilogy ring consists of a colored gem at the center and diamonds are placed on the sides.

Bezel Engagement Ring

Bezel is a setting in which the diamond is set in the center and is bordered by a metal. In this type of setting, the stone will not fall and chances of scratching are also low. The ring is expensive but the advantage is that it requires very little maintenance. The disadvantage is that because of the border, less amount of light will be reflected and the stone will look small.


There are many other types of engagement diamond rings that people can purchase for their partner. These styles will be a memory for life time.


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