3 Ways to Make Your Energy Bills Affordable

Energy bills represent a major cost that is incurred in running a house. However, there are ways that we can lower them. For example, switching to a light company with no deposit plans. This article will discuss ways that really will make a difference to energy bills.

No Deposit Electricity Plans

As you can “pay as you go” with a phone, you can also do it with electricity. There are electricity plans available that require no deposit and allow you to start receiving electricity straight away. This avoids the need to forgo a sum of money before even any electricity has been received and is perfect for those on a tight budget, who budget from month to month. Flexible payment terms are available on these types of schemes, too. If your financial standing is not good, then there are certain electricity companies that will not require credit checks in approving customers for the service. This has the effect of removing the barrier to anyone receiving electricity, no matter what their repayment history might be. Electricity powers our heating and keeps us warm and so is not a luxury but essential for any home. We can therefore take our hat off to these companies, at the risk of getting our head cold if we are standing outside and think what a wonderful service it is that they offer.


By insulating your house, you can reduce its demand for electricity and therefore burn less fuel. This is not only cost-effective but good for the environment. If you invest in insulating your loft and walls, then you can straight away take advantage of reduced energy bills. It is a cost you only need to incur once that will then benefit you financially for years to come. 

Types of loft insulation include spray foam, blankets or matting, rigid insulation boards, loose fill, mineral wool or glass rock, or insulated panels that are structural. They all keep in heat and therefore costs down.

In terms of the benefits of loft insulation, it is a fact that a quarter of heat is lost through the roof of a home that has not been insulated in that area. Loft insulation is thought to stay effective for at least 40 years, so can be considered a long-term investment that more than pays for itself. It is something that anyone buying a house will look for, as straight away their electricity bills will not be through the roof.

You might find the attached article of interest, as it talks about the building materials used for insulation.

Programmable Thermostats

Thermostats that are programmable save on electricity by not heating homes when they do not need to be heated. They can be set to come on at just the right times. They are the ultimate device for an energy-efficient home. Programmable thermostats are not just about timing either, they can adjust the temperature inside your home. Programmed settings can be entered based on the times in the day with it is likely to be cooler or warmer. All your family members will thank you for installing one, including whoever it is that pays the bill.

Thermostats, because of their powered dials, will either take batteries or draw on the home’s HVAC or electrical system to operate. Typical batteries used include the AA or AAA alkaline variety. Also, button cell 3V lithium or 9-volt batteries can be used. Ones that you can easily obtain.


So, there are a few ways to make your energy bill affordable. Of course, a combination of all three would have you saving substantial sums of money. There would be no money to pay upfront, you would not be losing heat through your walls, which has to be compensated for by turning up the heating or having it on for longer, and you could time when heat needs to be generated.

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