How to Create a More Functional Bathroom for the Family

If you think about it, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. After all, what people do in there is such an important part of life that we refer to it as “doing your business.” If your bathroom is nonfunctional or impractically designed, it’s going to be a major problem for the entire household. A practical and functional bathroom, on the other hand, could become a place where you truly enjoy doing your business. Here’s how to make your bathroom as functional as possible.

Develop a Cleaning Schedule

Not only is a dirty or messy bathroom totally gross, but it can also make the space less functional. No one enjoys using a bathroom that hasn’t been properly cleaned. You might have noticed that many public restrooms have cleaning schedules posted on the wall. You can use this exact same strategy at home, assigning every member of the family a certain day to clean the bathroom. Once the bathroom is consistently kept clean, everybody will have a much easier time doing their business.

Implement Rules

From leaving the seat up to splashing water on the floor, there are countless bad or nasty habits that people adopt in the bathroom. In order to keep your bathroom clean and consistently usable, consider enacting a set of basic ground rules that everybody in the household must follow. You can make the list together to ensure that everyone’s concerns are considered.

Avoid Clutter

Like any room, a bathroom becomes less functional when it’s overrun with mountains of stuff. From old magazines to toilet paper rolls, all sorts of items are often abandoned in a bathroom. This can lead to an unwieldy pileup that makes it difficult to use a bathroom for its intended purpose. A thorough cleaning and subsequent neatness can solve this problem once and for all.

Bathroom Renovations

When the issue isn’t bad habits but the physical components of the bathroom itself, then total bathroom renovations might be in order. Not only will a renovated bathroom be much more functional (with the working toilet and sink making it easier to use), but it will also look much better than whatever you had before. For your bathroom renovation project, you can invest in a sanicompact toilet system so you no longer need to deal with complex plumbing and common issues in your newly-remodeled space.

When your bathroom becomes more functional, everybody in the household wins. Bathroom issues can be awkward, gross, and difficult to discuss. Let this be your guide as you and your family create a workable and practical plan for your bathroom.

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