Do Dimmer Switches Save Energy

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to save money on energy. Whether at a commercial space or in home, dimmers have quickly become a quite popular topic  among people who are serious about energy savings. Sure, a dimmer can minimize the amount of light produced, but a large number of people believe that it can also reduce the amount of energy.  So the question remains, does a dimmer switch help save energy? Well, continue reading this piece to find out.

Dimmer Switch – What is it?

In simple words, people install dimmer switches to change the lighting level created by a certain fixture. Some people prefer installing them as a fixture while others add them later one. Whatever the case, dimmers allow you to save energy by letting you adjust or control the light output to different moods and levels. 

For example, if you are someone who prefers bright lights, whether it is for work or decorative purposes, you can simply adjust it, and reduce it later on for creating mood for relaxation or any other purpose. 

Can a Dimmer Switch Save Energy?

You must consider understanding how a dimmer operates to truly learn whether a dimmer can or cannot save energy. Whenever you dim lights, they still require power for converting energy to light. It does not necessarily alter the amount of energy being used as it uses minor interruptions in the electricity that helps create the dimmer effect perceived by our eyes. 

Another way to achieve the dimming effect would be to pull the same amount of power but using only a small portion of it. The rest of the power will be lost to the production of heat. LEDs tend to utilize the disruption technique to interrupt the electricity current. On the other hand, incandescent lights make use of the heat loss procedure to create the dimming effect. 

Should I Consider Dimming the Lights?

While dimming lights is indeed possible, you also have to consider the type of lamp you are using and its particular power level. For instance, dimming an incandescent light could cause your bulb to become hot due to the loss of heat. In addition, you won’t be conserving energy or saving it. Fortunately, you will not have to worry about this issue with dimming your LED lamps. There won’t be any heat loss, but you want save energy either. 

Simply said, you can dim your lights whenever you please, but it would be best if you opted for LED dimmers rather than incandescent ones. This is mainly because LEDs don’t use too much energy, helping you save a decent amount of money in your monthly bills. You can use dimmer switches for controlling the frequency of light that comes out from your lighting fixture. 

So, instead of worrying about switching your light off or on, you can instead take advantage of a dimmer switch to decrease or increase your room’s lighting. What’s more, having these switches offers homeowners the chance to improve their home’s lighting system. 

That being said, dimming is not entirely about visual appeal or aesthetics. Installing dimmer switches can also help you conserve energy and save some money in the process. Consider getting a licensed electrician Vancouver to install your dimmer switches, making sure they are connected the right way.

How Does a Dimmer Switch Help Save Money

You must understand how dimmer switches work to truly grasp how they help save electricity. Initially, dimmer switches used to send he same frequency of electricity to lightbulbs no matter where you turned the switch. What’s more, the energy that didn’t come into use was simply transformed to heat. In essence, the dimmer switches people used to have back in the day didn’t help homeowners conserve energy. 

Fortunately, there have been several changes made to modern dimmer switches, making them an ideal option for anyone who wants to save money on energy while providing them with a sufficient amount of light. What this essentially means is that if you turn the lights down, the switch will utilize less energy.  The dimmer your lights are, the less electricity you will be using. 

Final Thoughts

While using dimmer switches is a tremendous option to save energy, keeping them on at all times won’t be a good idea. Instead, it would be better if you adjusted the dimmer according to the time of day. Of course, you will require more lighting during the evening as your room may not be getting enough natural light. 

Homeowners must make a conscious effort to adjust their dimmer’s brightness frequently throughout the day. Sure, making adjustments to the brightness can be a pain, but it will help you save energy, reducing your electrical bills in the process. Once again, however, consider getting a licensed electrician Vancouver to install your dimmer switch to steer clear from any electrical issues down the line. 


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  1. I appreciate you talking about how dimmer switches can help you save money. Modern technology being advanced enough to work this way really impresses me, as I’ve wanted to try using this technology when I became a homeowner. I’ll go and look for an electrician in the area that can assist me with installing this for sure.

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