A Guide on Tile: Plastering and Tiling Services

Nowadays, people are getting more and more creative as well as aware in regards to the décor of their bathrooms. They pretty much go overboard with the themes, ccolors tiles, designs, and styles. So, here you are going to learn about numerous types of bathroom tiles available in the market and some tips for the same by the professionals offering plastering and tiling services. This information can help you with selecting the appropriate tiles for your bathrooms.

So, when you are selecting tiles for your bathroom, as per plastering and tiling services there are three points you should never ignore, which is related to the characteristics of tiles. They are Vitreosity, Glazedness (slip resistant) and the look. Vitreosity is the ability of the tile to absorb water in order to provide a less messy bathroom where the glazed tiles are normally slip resistant, which prevents you from slipping.

Ceramic or Porcelain

So, the very first one is the ceramic tiles, which are practical as well as the most decorative tiles for your bathroom. These tiles are made up of a combination of several clays, which have been pressed in the said shape and then fired at high temperatures. They come in both glaze as well as unglazed texture with a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. You can use the glazed versions for a bathroom, as they are slip resistant, stains resistant, and offer more variety.

Natural Stone

As the name suggests, these kinds of tiles are prepared from natural stones, which gives them a rough and rustic look. They are more of theme-based tiles where people want to give their place a contemporary rustic look. Plastering and tiling service providers also say that these tiles are not impervious to water. Hence, to put them in the bathroom, you need to add an extra layer of waterproof material to resist the moisture.

Glass Tiles

Glass is always known for its water repellant properties. Hence, they are ideal for the bathrooms. However, make sure to use them on the walls, as they can crack with heavy weights on them. Most of the Plastering and tiling service providers say that these tiles are certainly an elegant setting for the bathrooms with the power to stay stain free.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are one of the oldest set of designs used in the bathrooms, which is still quite popular among the people for their looks and durability. Normally, these tiles are created from the limestone through the natural process of the earth. Professionals from plastering and tiling services say that these tiles are sophisticated and traditional and the best part is that they are available in different sizes, which can be bigger than the other ones.

Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles aka enhancing the look of bathrooms tiles are made up of varieties of raw materials with numerous patterns to add the edge and enhance the look of bathrooms. You can have any pattern or design drawn on them as per your liking such as birds, leaves, stripes, arch, and what not. Many people use these tiles to make murals or mosaics on the walls or floors in the bathrooms.

Granite Tiles

We all have heard about granite as the natural stone, which is thicker and stronger than the others are. Well, it is true. Granite is one of the strongest stone available. It is available in different colors and patterns and often used as the countertops.

There are many other types of tiles are also available in the market, but these are the most famous ones. So, enjoy and make your bathroom as gorgeous and elegant as you want.


Guest post contributed by Nivi Watson

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