4 Concerns You Should Focus on When You’re Touring a New House

Before you buy a home, you’ll tour a number of potential properties. Each of these homes will have their own special charm, but try to remember that you do need to use this time to focus on gathering information. In fact, there are four main concerns that you really need to focus on when touring a new house.


Perhaps the best thing to start with when you’re looking for a new home is your estimation of the available space. Simply put, does the house feel like it’s going to be the right size for you? Many things can be changed about a home, but altering the square footage is incredibly difficult and expensive. As such, any home that you are seriously looking at needs to feel like it is the right size.

General Wear and Tear

Next, take a look at the general wear and tear of the home. While you might not be able to spot underlying damage, how the previous owner (or builder) has dealt with the daily problems of the home can tell you an awful lot about what the general state of the house will be when you have it more closely inspected. Missing hardware, lights that don’t work, or problems with the drywall are all signs of underlying problems and poor past care.

Quality of Homes in the Area

You may also want to step out and take a serious look at the neighborhood itself. Does your home fit the neighborhood? If not, why? While there can be some great investment opportunities involved in buying the worst house in a great neighborhood, the opposite can cause some very significant problems. If the other homes in the area look like no one takes care of them, there’s a good chance that you’ll have trouble selling for a profit in the future.

Major Systems

Finally, take a quick peek at the home’s major systems to make sure that they’re functional. Turn the lights on and off, check the taps to see if they work, and don’t be afraid to turn on the air conditioner. Doing so will give you a much better idea of the state of the home before you move forward with any other inquiries.

Focus on these four areas when you’re touring a new home can give you quite a bit of data for you to think about when you leave. Looking at the size, the neighborhood, the upkeep and the major systems will all tell you more about the house’s story. Take notes on what you find, and with that information, you can make an informed choice about whether or not you want to pursue that home.

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