5 of the World’s Strongest Dogs

There are millions of dogs in the world, all of which fall into different breed categories. From working dogs to small dogs, purebreds to mutts, there are just so many dogs out there. But have you ever considered what the world’s strongest dogs are? Strong dogs are desired for all kinds of reasons, from being big friendly giants to guard dogs, but whatever the reason, many owners love their big pooches. As you can imagine, all of these strong dogs are very big, most of whom don’t even realize their own strength. Smaller dogs just cannot match these big beasts.

Here are some of the world’s strongest and most powerful dogs in no particular order:

German Shepherd

The courageous and confident German Shepherd is of course one of the world’s strongest dogs. Not only do these lovable creatures make for great pets, but they also make for great service dogs too. They’re strong enough to work for police canine units but also loyal too, so they’ll always be true to their companion. They’re a pretty big breed of dog and can run up to 30mph, so it’s no surprise these creatures can be classed as one of the strongest dogs in the world.


It’s important to note here that strong does not mean scary. The Rottweiler has a common perception that it’s a scary and vicious canine when that’s not the case. In fact, these dogs rarely even realize their own strength and often act like puppies who crave attention. If you own one of these dogs, you’ll know how silly they are but just how strong they are too! If they want to sit on your lap, they will, and there’s no way to get them down. They can easily overpower a human without even trying. They certainly deserve a spot as one of the world’s strongest dog breeds. You can even go for the German Shepherd-rottweiler mix breed to get the best of both worlds.

Great Dane

Another gentle giant is the humble Great Dane. With an average male weighing up to 200 lbs, it’s no surprise these beasts have made the strongest dogs list. These animals can really show their strength without doing too much, all it takes is a tug of a leash and they’re off. A super strong, yet very gentle dog. However, these dogs are easily trainable so you can save yourself from being dragged along the floor if they were to pull on the leash whilst on a walk.

Alaskan Malamute

Of course, the Malamute makes it on the list of strongest dogs. Their strength is unmatched as they pull along sleds filled with heavy freight and even people whilst working in Alaska and other snow-filled countries. Similarly, to a Huskey and other arctic dogs, this breed is so strong it can pull up to 1,100–3,300 lb of weight, now that’s pretty epic! Not even the world’s strongest man can lift that weight.

St. Bernard

Recognized as the devoted dog from Peter Pan, this dog is known to be a strong character. Weighing up to 180lbs and 30 inches in length, this dog is not only big but also strong too. Under that long coat of hair, this breed of dog is particularly muscular. These dogs are so large that it often takes them quite a long time to mature, so they don’t even realize their own strength when playing.

There are plenty of other strong dogs that haven’t quite made the list, but that doesn’t take away their strength. Huskies, Argentinos, Bulldogs, and Boxers are just some of the fantastically strong dog breeds out there, plus many more too! What are some of your favorite breeds of strong dogs?

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