When Choosing a Home Birth Is the Right Option for You

Are you pregnant and thinking about your birthing options? In lieu of COVID-19, many parents are wanting to stay away from hospital births even though hospitals are certainly sterile environments. However, there are other reasons why home birth might be the right option for you. So, what are those options? It’s time to find out.

Minimum Medical Intervention

While medical intervention is sometimes necessary (and is something that a midwife or doula can be prepared to assist with to a degree), many pregnant women do not want to be poked and prodded. A natural birth can be made comfortable without epidurals and pain medications. In fact, some women find that water birth is much more comforting for themselves and their babies. While the bathtub certainly isn’t an ideal space, birthing tubs can be purchased at a reasonable cost. They are safe to use and are specifically designed for women to give birth with their midwife or doula right there with them.

You’re Only Pregnant With One Baby

If you’re expecting multiples, you will likely be told by a midwife or doula that you need to give birth in a hospital setting. Of course, your midwife or doula can be alongside you at the hospital. But because they are complicated pregnancies, multiples are recommended to be birthed in hospital in case of emergency.

If you’re just having one baby and have had a relatively healthy pregnancy, you are likely a good candidate for home birth. Also, if your previous baby was not a C-section, you might be considered a candidate. As long as your baby is settling into position for a head-first delivery (as indicated on your ultrasounds), you should be good to go. However, if your baby does not settle into position, you might be recommended for a hospital birth instead.

You Don’t Live Near a Hospital

Not everyone lives within driving distance of a hospital or has the access to transportation. Since a doula or midwife will come to you, you might be better off selecting a home birth. Rural folks and those without reliable transport can rest assured that, when the time comes, someone will be there to help deliver their baby.

Giving birth can be a scary process, but when done from the comfort of your own home, it can be uplifting and beautiful. If you think this might be the right option for you, reach out to a local midwives to get the ball rolling and learn more about home births.

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