Ray-Ban Eyewear: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Show love for the special lady in your life by giving her a pair of Ray-Ban prescription glasses or sunglasses for Valentine’s Day. Ray-Ban is a leading lifestyle eyewear brand that makes prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses that are fashionable and provide complete sun protection. Here are a few recommendations for the brand’s popular styles along with tips for selecting the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses for your Valentine.

Give Her a Pair of Stylish Ray Ban Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a sweet Valentine’s Day gift. A pair of shades increases the wearer’s comfort outside during daylight hours, making this present a perfect choice for couples who enjoy outdoor activities. Ray-Ban sunglasses are best suited for casual lifestyle wear and light-to-moderate intensity activities such as driving and walking.

Ray-Ban makes many classic styles such as Aviator, Clubmaster and Wayfarer frames. Aviators with teardrop-shaped lenses and a double bridge can flatter most face shapes. Wayfarers are also a versatile option, and slightly modified versions of this style with curved rims may look even better on angular faces. Clubmasters are a browline style with rounded lower rims that are perfect for oblong faces. If your partner has an interest in vintage fashion, she may appreciate any of these styles.

Show You Care With Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses

If you make passes at girls who wear glasses, a new pair of prescription spectacles can be a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. It is helpful to have a recent prescription on hand when purchasing frames with clear or tinted lenses for a recipient who requires vision correction. The Ray-Ban Optical collection includes eyeglasses that are based on the brand’s most popular sunglasses styles. You can also find fresh looks in a wide variety of frame colors and patterns.

You might look for a premium version of a style of glasses that your partner already wears or give her an unexpected gift. As a general rule, the shape of frames should contrast with the shape of the wearer’s face. This means that rounded frames are good choices for square or angular faces, while square or rectangular frames offset round faces. You can also find frames that balance a diamond- or heart-shaped face.

Increase Her Comfort With Ray-Ban Blue-Light Glasses

If your Valentine’s job requires her to spend long hours focusing on computer or device screens, she may appreciate receiving a pair of blue-light glasses as a gift. Frames that feature Ray-Ban Blue Light filter lenses reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by the glare emitted by backlit screens and can also provide UV protection and lower brightness levels outdoors.

Ray-Ban includes many classic frame styles in the Blue Light Filter Collection. You can also customize a pair of prescription safety glasses with blue-light blocking lenses. The lenses of this eyewear should be large enough to provide complete eye coverage and a field of vision large enough to cover the working area. Blue light blockers can also be worn to increase comfort during smartphone use or while watching television, extending the functionality of this eyewear from work to play.

If the woman you are shopping for does not wear prescription glasses, focus on selecting a pair of sunglasses or blue-light blockers that fit and flatter her face shape. While you might consider styles similar to eyewear she already owns, you should look for frames that have a distinctive look or a different lens color to make sure your gift stands out. If you plan ahead, you might look out for an opportunity to ask about her favorite Ray-Ban styles. Knowing your partner’s style preferences can make it easier to pick the perfect pair of Ray Ban prescription glasses.

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