The Social Etiquette Of Wearing Sunglasses 


When it comes to looking cool and chic, you cannot do much better than a stylish pair of sunglasses on a warm sunny day. It’s an effortless way to look good, especially when you have to rush out of the house and have no time to put on eye makeup. It also gives much needed protection for your eyes.

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Glasses that Turn Into Sunglasses: What’s the Catch?

Prescription glasses that turn into sunglasses. Ever heard of such a thing? Yes, it exists. Thanks to expert and innovative opticians who thought of such an idea, transition lenses help you move in and out of the sun comfortably. They save you from the hassle of switching your glasses and sunglasses again and again. Well, they can do this because transition lenses can change their tint color from clear to dark when you step out in the sun and vice versa. 

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Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility Without Sacrificing Style with Bose Audio Sunglasses

Audio sunglasses are the next wave in personal audio devices, and Bose is spearheading this new technology. These sunglasses make it easy to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts or even carry on a conversation with audio that comes from the frames themselves. That means no earbuds to block out the world. You’re free to use these audio sunglasses anywhere, anytime without the worry of missing important sounds when you need to hear them like when you’re driving. 

Audio Sunglasses Featuring Bose Technology

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Start School in Style with Sunglass Warehouse #CoolSchool18

This is my second time to order from sunglasses and I’m never disappointed. This time I got to order more for friends than myself and it was so fun getting to pick out sunglasses for them. My two friends are foster parents and actually have two children they have adopted and one they’re in the process of adopting. With school starting up, the two older girls were, of course, thinking about looking stylish. I was all too willing to do something special for them to feel pumped for their first day.

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Stellar Style Without Breaking the Wallet – Sunglass Warehouse

Sunglasses are a must have all year round for my husband and I. Especially since one of our vehicles currently don’t have visors. It’s the worst dealing with the sun poking us in the eye while driving during the daytime. Unfortunately, when you have pups that like to chew things, your sunglasses often end up the victim. We were pretty excited to check out the selection Sunglass Warehouse had to offer especially because of the pricing.

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