Start School in Style with Sunglass Warehouse #CoolSchool18

This is my second time to order from sunglasses and I’m never disappointed. This time I got to order more for friends than myself and it was so fun getting to pick out sunglasses for them. My two friends are foster parents and actually have two children they have adopted and one they’re in the process of adopting. With school starting up, the two older girls were, of course, thinking about looking stylish. I was all too willing to do something special for them to feel pumped for their first day.

Most of the clothing was covered but both of the girls fell in love with my sunglasses that I had gotten from Sunglass Warehouse. So, I sent them the link to the site and let them pick out the pair they wanted. I told their mom to pick out a pair while she was it and even let my brother-in-law jump in on picking a pair or two. They all chose the Foley, McCartney, Portugal, Argun, Commander, and August. There was too much excitement going around for me to deny anyone a pair of glasses.

I was bummed that I couldn’t get pictures of the girls in their new glasses. Let me tell you, they were adorable! If I can grab some later on, I will definitely be adding them to the post. It was great to see both of their personalities come out in the sunglasses they chose. Sunglass Warehouse has such a wide selection of styles and colors that it made it easy for both of them to get just what they wanted.

I still tote my pair of sunglasses I got months ago and get compliments on them all the time. Wayfarers are a popular style of sunglasses these days. However, I can’t pull them off well. Not to mention, I have a scar on my face from a car crash and I like it to be covered so the sun doesn’t discolor it. Wayfarers don’t usually cover it. The sunglasses I got have been my favorite style since I was really young. So, I’m pretty pleased with them and the way they cover my scar. I highly recommend Sunglass Warehouse, not only for their prices, but for their quick service, and a large selection.


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