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Sunglasses are a must have all year round for my husband and I. Especially since one of our vehicles currently don’t have visors. It’s the worst dealing with the sun poking us in the eye while driving during the daytime. Unfortunately, when you have pups that like to chew things, your sunglasses often end up the victim. We were pretty excited to check out the selection Sunglass Warehouse had to offer especially because of the pricing.

I was afraid at first that I would hate them if I didn’t get to try them on first to make sure they fit my face. I have a tiny, pinched head that looks hilarious if the sunglasses don’t sit right. My husband and I picked out a couple of pairs each and we loved every single pair.

They came well-packaged. Not to mention, they arrived quickly which is a huge plus in my book. I have always hated wasting my money on cheap sunglasses and was surprised to find, that even though they didn’t cost an arm and a leg, the sunglasses were all well-made!

It was hard to choose since Sunglass Warehouse had so many various styles for men and women along with plenty of colors and designs to choose from. Of course, my husband was quicker at choosing his because I just loved so many I couldn’t decide. I finally decided on The Reserve sunglasses in green, the Haddington in tortoise color, and the Petra with reddish/pink frames. My husband, going with a couple of the classics, chose the Miami, the Jackson, and the Navarro.

It was hard to choose our favorites out of these styles simply because each style was so different and well done. I have to say though, the green color of the Reserve glasses I chose were true to color. This made me giddily excited to wear them right out of the box because green is my favorite color.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the sunglasses we chose and the prices we ran into. We rarely buy new sunglasses because they can get pricey, not with Sunglass Warehouse!


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