Create A Space You Will Love With

Create A Space You Will Love With

How To Create A Space You Will Love

Our family room is where we hang out and relax. Our bigger TV where we watch TV, movies and kids play their video games is in that room. We even have a table dedicated to playing board games and putting jigsaw puzzles together. What the room lacks is some warmth and color. Because we don’t have much light, adding live plants or flowers wouldn’t work for us.

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I have always loved the way plants can add so much to a room, deck, patio or porch. Plants give such a warm and cheerful feel to any space. I wish I had a green thumb like my mom did! She had the most gorgeous potted plants, both inside and outside our home. Thankfully I found I could easily add warmth and color to any room with the artificial plants and flowers from!

About The Potted Green Fern Decorative Arrangement

I have been looking for an arrangement for the table in our family room for almost a year. I have just not seen anything that spoke to me. When I saw the breath taking Potted Green Fern Decorative Arrangement from, I knew I had found what I was looking for!

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I love the simplicity of the dark wood box of this arrangement. I would have never imgained there would be so many hearty ferns in one grouping! Most of the arrangements I had seen in my search thus far were a bit on the skimpy side. But this arrangement is so thick and full. It doesn’t have a bad side! This decorative box of artifical ferns was just what our family room needed! It is a great focal piece that doesn’t take over the room.

My Thoughts

I will confess, I am bit of an artifical plat snob. My husband has had a no artifical plant or flowers rule in our home for years! I knew if I could find the perfect arrangement he would forget all about his stance! Luckily, the Potted Green Fern Decorative Arrangement from, came while he was at work. I placed it on the table in the family room and waited.

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When my husband came home, he showered and changed and came into the famiy room. It took him a minute to notice the new greenery I added. He LOVED it!! He could not believe it wasn’t a real arrangement! He said if I wanted to add more plants or a few floral arrangements from, he was all for it! Even Hazel the cat enjoyed playing peek-a-boo behind the thick greenery! If you want to brighten up a room in your home or office, you can take 10% off your Commercial Silk purchase (except on custom orders) by using the code “BLOGGER10” and avail 10% Off on our products except for custom orders.

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4 thoughts on “Create A Space You Will Love With

  1. I love nature but my house gets almost no natural sunlight so having a house plant is a struggle. Thanks for sharing an alternative

  2. I have a black thumb but I like the look of plants in my home. Good quality will plants are a great solution. They look much better than dead real plants.

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