All the Best to Pamper Your Pet from Hartz!

Hartz is a classic pet supply company that have been around for ages. They always have decent pricing and seem to provide just what pet parents need. I was giddy excited to look through their website to see just what they had to offer. There is a nice variety and I knew I had only seen a fraction of it. Although ordering straight from their site isn’t an option, most items give you a “where to buy” button so you can see what stores offer it.

I would say, the most loved item was the Jute Bug Cat Toy. We have ten rescue cats and each one of them took turns stealing this dragonfly and running off with it to hide it. It was the cutest, most hilarious thing we had seen in a while. We also got the Twirl and Whirl Cat Toy that was also a hit but the dragonfly stole the show. 

The dragonfly was the funniest until we got out the pop up cat tent Hartz sent.  A great item not found on the website but easily found through a Google search. It prices at around $8, give or take, across all stores. The giggles started and wouldn’t stop once three of the cats tried to fit into the tent at once, with one on top. None of our pets are tiny anymore so there truly wasn’t enough room for all three. 

We got to try the fancy Multi-Cat Clumping Paper Cat Litter that Hartz offers. We’ve always used multi-cat and clumping litters but had never tried a paper based litter. We thought it was pretty neat until we let the cats smell it. They tried to eat it. However, we thought that might change once we added it to their litter box. Nope, they still sat there trying to eat it. A great litter, but more suited for cats that are newer to using a cat box. 

No worries, we didn’t leave our beloved Beagle boys out. They got the Oinkies Bacon Flavored Wraps and the Oinkies Tender Treats. As you can see from the photo, they were mighty happy with their new chews. They couldn’t be bothered to even glance at mom and dad after they got the chews in their mouth. As always, Hartz had pleased all our pets and their parents!


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