The Perfect Father’s Day Gift with Gifts For You Now!

There’s nothing better than stumbling on that one Father’s Day gift you would have never thought of. Especially when that gift is perfect and makes you wish the day to give it to them was sooner. When we got the chance to peek through the numerous gifts that Gifts For You Now had to offer, we were excited to find some amazing options. 

My husband’s father got a a motorcycle back in 2013. It was something he had been dreaming about since he was a young man. It elated him and it has become a big part of his life. When we stumbled on the Personalized Motorcycle Wall Sign, we knew that it would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. 

The colors matched the brand of his motorcycle. Plus, the size (around 15 inches high and around a foot wide) was perfect for the spot he parks his bike in. The only thing that we had to change was the hanger on the back as it wasn’t very sturdy or suitable for hanging long term. We had something on hand so that wasn’t a deal breaker at all. A very minor detail that was easily fixed. Plus, it made us feel like we got to add our own personal touch to the gift as well.

I loved that the Gifts For You Now crew gave me a call to make sure my order was spot on. They had a question about the info I typed in and didn’t want to print t incorrectly. There’s nothing worse than ordering a gift that comes messed up or incorrect. I was grateful for their thorough handling of my gift. I took it seriously and so did they. Overall, they’re a company I’m more than happy to stand behind and use again!

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