Be Prepared with SJ Works Bicycle First Aid Kits

Bike riding is a great sport, from the fresh air, the exercise and the beautiful views there are not a lot more ways better to get out of the house. But when there’s an accident while riding, what do you do? SJ Works have designed a line of bicycle first aid kits that are just what you need to complete your bicycle.

Why Would You Need A First Aid Kit on Your Bike?

Biking, like any other sport, has been known to have accidents. From scraped knees to major accidents, having one of the SJ Works Bike First Aid Kits will be helpful. Each kit has an assortment of bandages, tape, gauze, and a flashing safety light. Imagine the unthinkable happens, what would you do? Of course, you’d use your ever-present cell phone to call someone. But while you wait, there is a first aid guide, antiseptic towelettes, a reflector strip, and one of those foil blankets to help ward off a shock.

Which Kit Will Fit On My Bike?

Worried about what kit will work with your bike? Don’t. Each kit made by SJ Works has several velcro straps that will help secure the light weight first aid kit it to your bike. Whether its a beach cruiser, mountain bike or simple road bike, these kits each offer the supplies that you might need should you come across another rider who is hurt, get hurt yourself, or be at the park and a child needs a bandage.


More Information

There are three kits: Classic Bicycle First Aid Kit (add-on bike triangle tube), the Smart Phone Solution First Aid Kit and the Saddle Pouch Bicycle First Aid Kit. Each one comes with a classic bag with large reflective material, 100% EO Sterilized medical components, and a flashing safety light.

Regardless of you owning a male or female bike, it’s always a good idea to have a kit handy, wherever you are. SJ Works makes it possible without the pack being bulky or in the way. They would be amazing to have should you be at the park or at a school function.

For more information on SJ Works and their first aid kits, please visit them on Amazon and social media.

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