7 Tips for a Comfortable Bike Ride

Cycling; although it is a good and fun way to exercise the muscles and stay in good physical shape, does not have to come with the usual aches and pains common with regular exercising.

Even though some level of discomfort will be experienced after strenuous and long bike rides, there are steps one can take to ensure some comfort.

Properly Center Your Saddle

Check the position and tilt of your saddle before going on rides. Your saddle should be perfectly centred, and you should be able to comfortable pedal backwards and forwards without feeling like you are going to fall over. Improper saddle placement will lead to you straining to keep your body forward, and might lead to upper body pains.

Weight Distribution

Consider the items or load you will be carrying with you during your biking trips. If you have to ride with some load, make sure the weight is evenly distributed and not centred at one position. Try a backpack carrier to hold your load as they distribute weight evenly and lessen the strain on shoulders. Or, as an alternative, one might consider basket carriers to remove any added weight from the body. Some of the most comfortable bikes come with proper weight distributions.

Buy Proper Helmets

Some bike helmets come attached with a sun visor. For a comfortable ride with maximum visibility levels, go for the helmets without the visors attached. The visors create some visibility obstructions and bikers might find themselves straining their neck to see in front of them.

Proper Gear

New and inexperienced bike riders are often surprised at how sore they might be the morning following a long bike ride. Soreness might especially be intense in the rear end and upper body. The best way to take preventive measures against this soreness is by wearing padded bike shorts and proper creams that reduce the friction during bike rides. In colder weather, pad yourself up with several layers of clothing, and for longer sweatier rides, opt for materials that absorb moisture to ensure a more comfortable ride. In addition, have a bicycle first aid kit handy because you’ll always want to be prepared for an emergency.

Find the Right Bike For You

Although all bikes are great, there is of course that one that is just perfect for each person. Choose a bike that is a great match for your riding style and suits all your needs. You will want to consider your reason for purchasing a bike, how often you will be riding it, and the kind of roads you might be riding the bike on. If you are looking for a perfect mix of both road bikes and cruiser bikes, try hybrid style bikes. On the other hand, if biking on the beach is your prime goal, you can choose best cruiser bicycle available in the market.

Maintain Good Posture

To ensure perfect comfort and minimise body aches, one of the things you can do while riding your bike is to stand more often while off your bike, and maintain perfect posture while sitting. The way you position your body while off your bike also has an effect on how your body will feel while riding.

Wrap Bar Tape

For longer rides, and rougher terrains, it is best to protect your wrists and hands from considerable pain and discomfort. One of the swiftest ways you can protect your hands is by double wrapping your handlebars with bar tape. This is a simple DIY project and it pays off big time in ensuring you get good padding.

Now that you know the steps you can take to ensure a comfortable bike ride, maybe it’s time to ditch the cars and choose the two wheel travel.

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