Interior Decorating Secrets

Interior decoration has never been easy. Whether it is for our home, office, or store, décor can make a big difference. Unfortunately, even if we have a vague idea of what we want, many of us don’t have the required skill set to bring together the various elements of a space. So, if we have the budget, we rely on interior designers to make our precious space look beautiful. Or, we read through numerous articles and scroll through various inspiring pictures to help us out. But…what is it that makes designer décor look so fabulous?

Every interior designer has their own set of secrets to depend upon. Here are some smart tips and tricks that will help you get the best out of your space. 

Put together a color scheme

One of the main reason designer homes look stunning is that every room follows a common color scheme. The best way to color a room is in terms of three: dominant room color, secondary room color, and accent room color.  

For each room, choose a few colors that you like and opt for their monochromatic or analogous colors as the secondary and accent color. If you are the adventurous type, then go for their complementary colors for a striking look.

Use Darker Shades

It is not unusual to lean towards lighter hues when deciding the color scheme. However, there is something magical about contrasting softer colors with darker tones. Be warned: using dark colors too much can pull down the décor. The trick is to use darker hues as accent colors in the form of accessories, rugs, wall stripes, etc.  

Try out chiffon curtains

Fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or sheer tend to elevate any décor, making it look softer and lighter. Using them as curtains often acts as a soothing aid to dramatic and bold interiors. Alternatively, such fabrics lend visual drama to simple and minimalist furnishings. They also let in more sunlight and air into the room.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Especially in smaller rooms, strategically placing decorative mirrors help give the room the illusion of being a bigger space. They also make for great accessories which can be used to add a lot of personality to the décor. Their placement is important as well. Remember to ensure the mirrors pick up attractive pieces, like an antique vase or a beautiful painting.

Cable railings

A good quality cable railing offers elegance and protection without obstructing the view. Cable railings can be used in a number of places like staircases, fences, decks, and balconies. Along with their aesthetic appeal, cable railings are becoming quite popular for their ease of installation and low maintenance.

Use better lighting fixtures

Great design ideas work only if the lighting complements the look. You can DIY your way through this. You just need a plain lampshade, some craft supplies, and loads of creativity. Try to keep your design consistent for an improved look and feel of the room. You can also buy some cool fixtures that go well beyond the usual lampshade. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and can elevate your space very quickly.

Color your ceiling

While renovating our house, most of us just focus on the walls and the floor. We completely ignore an essential part of the room – the ceilings. This bit of real estate is what frames any room, giving it definition and a sense of completion. A good way to brighten up any room is to paint the ceiling with a lighter shade of the wall color. However, if you prefer something bold, wallpapers are good options as well.

Experiment with accessories

Accessories play a huge part in giving a space its personality and flair. So, it’s important to mix it up every once in a while. If you prefer a traditional décor with neutral tones, infuse some fun elements like throw pillows with graphic prints, statement chairs, elaborate lampshades, and dramatic wall hangings.

If you have gone all out with your walls, tone things down and bring it all together with elements like a simple rug, neat leather chairs, sheer curtains, and an artistic painting. The idea is to mix and match till you find the right set of pieces that will make your décor look organized. Find more styling ideas on the Helen Coulston YouTube channel.

Blend vintage with new-age

No matter what kind of look you are after, it’s always a good idea to use a few vintage pieces in your décor. Whether it is to add a certain flair or just to maintain an interesting mix, vintage pieces can do a great deal even for contemporary décor. If you are afraid to experiment too much, just start small with a painting or a wall hanging and notice the difference.

Use negative space to your advantage

Learning this skill takes time but pays dividends when done successfully. Employing negative space promotes spacious rooms and clean designs. Some basic steps to use negative space are to take stock of what pieces are needed, try to opt for furniture that adds value, declutter, and reorganize.

Yes, decluttering is an obvious step to go through, but many of us have issues with letting our favorite items go. Cleaner spaces beget cleaner designs. So, the best way to combat clutter is to take a strong stance on what is valuable and what is not.

Design is an art and these simple secrets can turn your space into a masterpiece. Elegance in décor can be achieved by tying various elements together and stitching them into a coherent story. Such elegance can be found in both minimalist and maximalist designs. It could start from the smallest of changes and, maybe, snowball into a major renovation. Some easy ways to introduce elegance in both kinds of décor are to place mirrors, use sheer curtains, and switch to cable railings. Taking the smallest step can have the biggest impact – just ask Neil Armstrong, or in our case, a successful interior designer!

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