DynaTrap – The Gift That Keeps on Giving #momgraddad

There are many wonderful things about warmer weather but there’s also some downfalls. One of the main aspects of summer I wish could be avoided altogether are the swarms of bugs! Dynatrap is one of those items that once you buy it, there’s no looking back. Especially because it does such a good job of removing one of the biggest annoyances of summer….the mosquitoes and their insect counterparts!

We recently moved to the city which means fewer bugs to deal with than the country. However, my brother-in-law is still out in the country. We visit a lot and every time, I come back looking like I got chicken pocks for the sixtieth time. I can only imagine what he and his family go through on a daily basis!

That’s why we decided his present this year would be Dynatrap! To be more specific, the Dynatrap DT600 LED Atrakta Series is what we got. Not only does it cover ¼ of an acre, it completely disrupts the life cycle of a mosquito which means long-term removal. There are also pesticide and odor free pods you can use to draw mosquitoes and other biting insects into the trap.

It comes in three various colors with a base of rugged stainless steel. It’s also corrosion free so the weather won’t make it look ugly in no time. Most bug trappers are ugly as heck and make me about jump out of my skin when they trap a bug because they zap loudly. Thankfully, Dynatrap is nice on the eyes and doesn’t make any loud zaps when it kills those pesky insects.

The light is my favorite part. The light isn’t the entire contraption so you’re not being kept awake all night by your bug trapper. It’s an LED that never has to be replaced and is eco-friendly! It should last up to 40,000 hours!

So far, my brother-in-law has adored his Dynatrap and checks it every day. We’ve gotten a few reports on how amazing it’s working. He can’t believe everything it traps. I would say that’s a win in the early Father’s Day gift category.


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