12 Outstanding Movies Explained in less than 140 Characters

If you are a movie buff then this article will interest you. If, lately, you are not finding the enough time to watch movies or read their synopsis on Wikipedia but you want to know their plot, then, in this article, we will be paraphrasing movies which are outstanding and award winners in less than 140 characters.


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A super powerful alien roams in the earth, dressed like a human being to save human beings from evil forces but fears from a green colored rock.

Superman was released in 1978 and was liked by an audience of all ages. For playing the role of superman in the movie, Christopher Reeves transformed himself from a 170-pound guy to a 212 muscular man.

2. Titanic

A tragic story of a huge ship which sank on its maiden voyage after colliding with an iceberg and how two lovers were never united because of the accident.

Undoubtedly, Titanic was one of the most popular movies of its time. Interestingly, the duration of the movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes which is the exact amount of time the Titanic took to sink.


A century-old mutant roams around Tokyo fighting samurais in order to save his healing powers and thus embarking upon a journey to know the hidden hero in himself.

Wolverine is one of the most interesting characters of the X-Men series and Hugh Jackman gained much popularity by playing the role of Logan in the movie.

4. The Shawshank Redemption

A tale of how a bank merchant is jailed on the false accusations of murdering his wife and secret lover and how he uses his sheer willpower to free himself.

A Warner Bros blockbuster movie, Shawshank Redemption was adapted from the world-renowned author Stephen King’s short story Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption.

5. Star Wars

A young boy joins a group of friends to fight an evil empire in some other galaxy and saves a girl from a man who killed her father.

One of the most outstanding films ever made, Star Wars is said to be inspired by the movies Yojimbo and The Hidden Fortress by Akira Kurosawa. One of the amazing fact about the Star Wars movies is that the sentence “I have a (very) bad feeling about this” is featured in every star wars film.

6. The Dark Knight

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Batman, the self-made superhero fights an insane and sadistic criminal who just wants to watch the world burn. In the process, batman comes to closer to being a vigilante than a hero.

The Dark Knight, the second part of the Batman trilogy gained huge success in the Hollywood as well as overseas.Heath Ledger became an overnight sensation by playing the role of infamous Joker.

7. Pulp Fiction

A story based on two criminals who while sitting in a coffee shop decide to rob it and a hitman is sent on a special mission to retrieve a valuable briefcase.

Pulp Fiction is regarded as one of the most quotable crime movies of all times. A movie based on various short crime stories, the Pulp Fiction is Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece.

8. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and gang returns to Hogwarts for the second year only to find that someone has opened the chamber of secrets and everybody is terrified at the school.

In the second part of the famous Harry Potter series, Dobby the elf is just an orange ball on the stick and his features were later added digitally.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

The story of a pirate who joins a brave blacksmith in the efforts to rescue a governor’s daughter who has been kidnapped by a gang of pirates. The girl possesses a magical coin which changed pirates into undead.

Johnny Depp and Kiera Knightly’s deadly duo made this one of the most successful movies ever made. Captain jack Sparrow’s character was adored by everyone.

10. Jurassic Park

A bunch of paleontologists visits an island theme park which has dinosaurs created from prehistoric DNA samples. After a power cut, dinosaurs start hunting down people.

The 1994 hit film, directed by legendary Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park still remains one of the favorite movies of all time.

11. Inception

A man who is capable of entering into people’s dream to reveal their secrets out gets a chance to redeem himself and get back the things he lost in the process.

Inception is one of the most mind-boggling movies of all time. One of the most amazing facts of the movie is that if you take first letters from the lead characters of the movie then the word formed is ‘DREAMS’ which the movie is all about.

12. The Martian

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An astronaut, Mark Watney is left behind by his crew on the Mars after being presumed dead. The movie is Watney’s persistent efforts to survive until anyone reaches to rescue him.

Martian was released in 2015 and gained over 630 million USD in the box office. With a rating of 8 on IMDB, The Martian is a captivating movie with fabulous acting from matt Damon.


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