Why My Kids are NEVER Bored

Mama are you tired of hearing phrases like … “Mom I am soooooooooooo Bored”, ” I have Nooothing to do”, “Can we pleeeaaaasssseeee go to (you fill in the blank)”… 

Just picture me crinkling up my nose and narrowing my eyes and saying in my most nasaly voice possible 🙂 .  Wanna know something? 

I NEVER hear these prhases! 

And the solution to bored kids is beyond simple!  Are you ready for it? 

Get your pen and paper, you’re gonna want to write this one down…

Give them something to do!

Profound huh?

My middle child came in the kitchen the other night and I could see it brewing.  He came and laid his head on my shoulder and said, “Mom, I’m… oh nevermind…” then turned to go and occupy himself.  He caught my eye and we both grinned, because he’d almost done it.  He’d almost gotten one of the many “bored killers” on my list… things like:

  • Sweep the garage
  • Straiten your room
  • Clean your bathroom
  • Take out the trash

I could go on, but you get the gist.  Now just to clarify, all of my kids do all of those things and more, they just don’t look for the opportunity to go above and beyond each days responsibilities.  😉  And no, mama, I don’t always make it a “chore” if they’re bored.  Many times I send them outside to play soccer or throw a baseball with their siblings.  They’re just smart enough to know, when mama’s cooking supper and has laundry coming outta her ears – chances are they’re not getting out of the “I’m bored” with some fun!

You may disagree with me, and that’s ok, but I think it’s a good thing for kids to have a certain amount of boredom in their lives.  In this “everyone’s gotta iPhone world” our kids don’t know what it is to count the stars, look for the Big Dipper, find the elephant shape in the clouds and they are missing out on some fantastic memories!  We had many make shift slip-n-slides and games of freeze tag or Red Rover as a child simply because we were “bored”.  

I dare you mama.  The next time your child comes with their “I’m bored” whine, be prepared.  Whip out that list and Give Them Something To DO!

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