Glasses that Turn Into Sunglasses: What’s the Catch?

Prescription glasses that turn into sunglasses. Ever heard of such a thing? Yes, it exists. Thanks to expert and innovative opticians who thought of such an idea, transition lenses help you move in and out of the sun comfortably. They save you from the hassle of switching your glasses and sunglasses again and again. Well, they can do this because transition lenses can change their tint color from clear to dark when you step out in the sun and vice versa. 

What’s the Science behind it?

These glasses that turn into sunglasses have molecules layered over them in the form of a coating. While in other lights, this coating remains transparent, it reacts and changes color when exposed to UV rays i.e., the sunrays. They change into a dark color because of absorbing energy from the light spectrum. 

And as you proceed indoors after being outdoors for some time, the intensity of UV light gradually lessens because of which the molecules can no longer react and turn back clear. If you are wondering if they react to artificial lighting? Well, they don’t. So there’s no chance for the glasses to ‘mistakenly’ turn dark inside.


Now, the color of the tint varies based on the amount of UV light that the lens gets to absorb. That’s why these glasses are not quite effective when sitting in a car. The reason behind this is the new age glass used in car windows that prevents UV light from entering.

Advantages of glasses that turn into sunglasses

  • They provide continuous protection. 

Assuming that you have to wear one pair – be it prescription glasses or sunglasses at any given point in time, transition lenses give you 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays all the time.

  • They are versatile.

Your pair can be made as prescription glasses that are bifocal or varifocal, or non-prescription glasses as well. These glasses that turn into sunglasses can also be combined with blue light lenses to save you from the harmful light from those devices we can’t live without today.

  • They save you from trouble. 

This hassle can be that of remembering to always carry two pairs with you or that which comes when you lose one pair while keeping track of both. It can also be the inconvenience that comes from switching both pairs over and over again when you change places. All these benefits of not facing the hassle, come because you only have to carry one pair with you, that too, on your eyes.

  • They save you money. 

Glasses that turn into sunglasses are the jack of two trades. And when you use one instead of two, you also pay for one rather than two. This saves you money and also efforts that go into earning that money. Another way of saving money with them is by using these new lenses for old frames that you might have.

  • They are fashionable.

The fact is not many people know about photochromic glasses even today. When you don such an innovation it does help step-up and elevate your fashion eyewear game. It’s a quick approach you can use to enhance your wardrobe and stick out a mile.

As you now know, there’s no catch. A sensible, trendsetting option, photochromic glasses are a must-try creation if you wish to upgrade yourself. Why not find some cool frames for your transition adventure today at Specscart?


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