Light Up Any Work Space with Luminoodle Click

Tired of dark corners and not enough light to get the job done? You are going to love Luminoodle Click! 

Our home was built in the 70’s and since it does not feature an open floor plan, it has a lot of dark spaces. I am a child of light. I like to have the room lit up! Thankfully, I’ve found a solution with Luminoodle Click by Power Practical. 

Luminoodle Click is a 3ft strand of battery powered string lights that can be turned on with just one click! These bright LED light strands are perfect for home, garage, closets or sheds. Each strand holds strong with heavy duty 3M tape, allowing you to install under shelves, cabinets, beds, and more.

Luminoodle Click Features

  • Tool FREE Installation
  • Bends to stick to almost any surface
  • Battery powered so no hanging cords

Each kit comes with a 36 inch coated LED strip with attached battery on/off button compartment and three AAA batteries. Installation is a breeze. I put up 4 strands in my home in less than 15 minutes. 

My kitchen has paneling and wood cabinets so I went there first. I installed three sets under my cabinets and wow! It really makes a huge difference. Now I can see so much better while prepping food and using my appliances. 

Next, I installed a string of Luminoodle Click on the back side of my headboard. I don’t have nightstand lamps, so I needed a little extra lighting. Since I chose “Daylight” over “Warm White” exposure, it provides the perfect amount of light for reading. 

Luminoodle Click would be a great addition to classrooms as well. It lines bookshelves perfectly allowing students to easily find the titles they are searching for. 


Light up your life with Luminoodle Click!



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