Five Most Stylish Blue-light Glasses Styles

For most of us, our screen time has increased during the pandemic. Due to social distancing, most people are working from home. You end up spending a lot of time glued to the computer doing zoom meetings, responding to emails, or even catching up with friends and family. Most interactions are now centered and on your laptop or phone. With this situation, it’s essential to have a pair of blue-light glasses. They help with eye fatigue that is caused by too much screen time. They have special lenses that block rays that emerge from digital screens and reduce the chances of your retinas being damaged. As a necessity, it’s important to ensure you get a stylish pair. These five blue-light glasses styles are a must-have.

1. Stylish clear blue-light glasses

The clear frame glasses are one of the most stylish trends when it comes to eyewear in 2021. A lot of fashion designers have been captivated by clear design. The clear concept is being transposed to many concepts and designs and most especially prescription blue-light glasses. White and transparent frames are one of the top trends for both men and women. You can achieve a subtle look and still be able to dress and impress. Wear them with lighter shades of makeup and outfits to keep the focus on the glasses. A must-have in this category is the gold aviator blue light blocking glasses that you’ll definitely love.

2. Thick rimmed geometric blue-light glasses

Any shape that has a splash of geometry is a win. Thick rimmed geometric glasses are magnificent in many ways. They’re able to fit well with any face. No matter what shape you decide on, the thick-rimmed frames are the center of attraction. The bold and bright colors work well, but you can also try a mix of colors, whatever rocks your boat. If you love to stand out, they’ll work well for you.

3. Bright and translucent nude blue-light glasses

This is where the millennials celebrate since these types of glasses work perfectly with them. One of the hues that are predicted to take the crown throughout 2021 is the dusted pink nude. It’s a warm color that will bring a huge change and be a breath of fresh air. They come with many distinctive frames to choose from depending on what you like, and they’re fit for both men and women. You can also go for a toned-down hue for day-to-day outfits.

4. Vintage, large round blue-light glasses

One of the most popular frames in 2021 is the round frame. Another added advantage about these frames is that they are very well suited for people with rectangular and square-shaped faces. So if you fall under one of those two categories, they’re the frames for you. They’re versatile, and you can style them with smart business outfits or even casual outfits. If you’re bold, you should get an oversized round frame, and for those who want to look more elegant, you can choose a small round frame. They’ll draw attention to your face, which is what most of us need.

5. Cat-eye blue-light glasses

They have been in style for a while, and in 2021, they still aren’t going anywhere. Cat-eye glasses work well for ladies both in the business environment and also in the academic sphere. They bring out the image of a woman who’s decisive and knows what she wants. They are both very serious and sexy at the same time. Bringing a fine balance to your femininity every time you wear them. If you’re a woman whose work is based in the business environment, try the retro cat-eye black frame. They emphasize your professionalism with a smart yet mysterious look.

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