Learn How To Play Musical Instruments On Your Own

Are you a music enthusiast passionate about improving your knowledge of musical instruments? Do you have a particular musical instrument of interest you wish to learn how to play? Are you unable to join a musical training class due to the lockdown? Do you have challenges in getting a musical instrument trainer? I am glad to show you how you can learn your favorite musical instrument on your own. 

Learning how to play a musical instrument could be demanding, and you need some passion and commitment to get through the process. You also need time that you can dedicate to learning, especially if you want to learn on your own.

How to Learn Musical Instruments on Your Own

1. Get your Musical Instrument

Getting the instrument is the first step after you have decided what instrument you want to learn.

2. Map out a Time table

It is prevalent that people stop training when they do not have a strict schedule for their learning. It would help if you mapped out definite hours you will use for personal training which you will stick to.

3. Get Materials

You need instructional materials to learn how to play a musical instrument. You can quickly get these on the internet in written or oral forms. YouTube Videos are your best bet for personal training as they give a practical approach to your learning process.

If you want to go into musical production or you are an aspiring or professional DJ, you may need to get some hardware and software for digital music production, one of the ways could be using VST plugins. This will not only improve the sounds that you will produce but also boost your confidence and grow your love for music. 

How can you learn a musical instrument online

Use YouTube

YouTube is a great platform for kick-starting your musical steps. There are tons of videos there where people give you easy-to-follow steps on how to play each note so that you can get the basics. 

Use Games and Applications

Another way to learn new things is through utilizing game apps and other fun applications which make the overall learning process more fun. Through these fun elements, you will more easily memorize the notes and chords and advance more quickly. These are some famous apps you can try out:

List of Musical Instruments You Can Learn on Your Own

There are various musical instruments, some easier to learn than others. I will be giving you a list of musical instruments you can pick up and learn on your own.

The Piano

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments you can find around. The board of keys is simple to play with enough dedication and the right materials to help you through the journey. Pianos can get expensive so don’t hesitate to check out used pianos for sale. Many people start their journey learning the piano but do not stick with it. It is highly likely that you will find used pianos for a great price.


There are various types of guitar, and the type you choose to learn might be based on your interest or purpose for learning. You should get the exact type of guitar you want to learn; either a bass guitar or an acoustic. Generally, learning how to play a particular type of guitar can make it easier to learn other types though it does not mean you will be able to play them. 

Guitars come with different string types and numbers. You may want to get a guitar that is easy to handle and learn as a beginner. The guitar is a fundamental music tool that helps you produce quality music. Learning how to play one might end up being a wise choice.


Drums are one of the musical instruments to learn on your own; this is because it is easy to create fundamental beats even with everyday home materials. Improving your drumming skills will however require you to get a drum set that has a cymbal, side drum, snare, bass drum, and pedal. You can start with simple rhythms and beats, from which you can develop into learning complex beats and syncopations. 


The recorder is one of the most typical musical instruments among kids and toddlers. This popularity is because of two main reasons:

  1. It is comfortable and cheap to get a recorder for practice.
  2. Giving and taking instructions on how to play a recorder is more comfortable than most other instruments, making it easier to learn even for kids.

If you want to learn how to play other woodwinds or mouthpiece instruments like the trumpet, flute, or clarinet; you can start with a recorder. It helps you learn the basics involved in producing sound by blowing air into a musical instrument. You build your hand-and-mouth coordination and vocal strength through the instrument.


The fiddle is an excellent alternative to a violin if you want to learn a string instrument on your own. While both the violin and the fiddle are the same instruments, the complexities of a violin make the fiddle a more painless instrument to play.

You would need years of practice, an experienced teacher, and a commitment to learning how to play the violin. The fiddle, however, has less strict rules on rhythms and beats. The slides on the fiddle are also easier to master.

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