5 Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Sometimes the person you have the hardest time buying gifts for is your significant other. When you first start dating, you may not know each other well enough to buy thoughtful, meaningful gifts, and once you have been together for many years, you may start running out of gift ideas. If you’re stuck in a gift-giving rut, here are five ideas that can help.


Your partner probably doesn’t want regular clothes for a special occasion, but if you know he or she has an eye on a designer item that is outside of the budget, you could spring for the piece of clothing or the best gold earrings you can find to surprise your significant other. You could also buy expensive accessories such as purses or watches. If you want to find a gift with a fun, sexy twist, you could also buy couples matching underwear sets.

Hobby Materials

Many people have hobbies but the materials are often expensive. If you’re stuck on what to give your partner for a special occasion, think about what he or she enjoys doing. If your partner is into making jewelry, buy a variety of beads and stringing material. Paints and canvases are great gifts for artists, while writers will probably love fancy pens and notebooks. Find out what your partner enjoys doing in his or her free time and gift him or her the materials needed to do it.


When you can’t think of anything materialistic to give your partner, it may be time to book a special experience. Does your significant other love penguins? Pay for a penguin encounter at a nearby aquarium. If your partner has always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, pay for a few lessons. For car enthusiasts, you could pay for a NASCAR driving experience. The options are endless but the memories will last forever when you choose to gift an experience over a material item.


Similar to experiences, trips give your significant other the chance to make memories he or she will cherish forever. For major special occasions such as milestone birthdays and anniversaries, you may want to spring for a lavish vacation such as a week-long cruise or a stay at an all-inclusive resort. If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money, there are many ways to plan inexpensive weekend getaways. The important thing to remember if you plan to gift your partner with a trip is to give your time, too. Your significant other doesn’t want to take a trip with you if you’re always glued to your phone or don’t want to do any activities together, so make sure you plan for plenty of quality time.

Sentimental Items

Most people have at least one item they are sentimental about. It could be a family heirloom or it may be a childhood toy your partner decided to keep in storage rather than sell. It could be a favorite childhood book series or a movie that is dear to your heart. If you know what your partner is sentimental about, you can give gifts that are meaningful. If your partner has an old piano that has been passed down through many generations and no longer works, pays to have it tuned up and restored. Buy and frame a poster of your significant other’s favorite movie. Or maybe a personalized dog tag necklace hand stamped with a special date for him.  Anything that shows you care about your partner’s interests could work.

Buying a great gift for your significant other doesn’t have to be stressful. If you aren’t sure what to get your partner for a special occasion, consider these five ideas to help you think outside of the box. You may find the perfect gift idea!

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