5 Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Sometimes the person you have the hardest time buying gifts for is your significant other. When you first start dating, you may not know each other well enough to buy thoughtful, meaningful gifts, and once you have been together for many years, you may start running out of gift ideas. If you’re stuck in a gift-giving rut, here are five ideas that can help.

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4 Tips for Decorating With Your Husband in Mind


Decorating a home is often, but not always, among a wife’s many tasks. They may use designs that are put together specifically to appeal to the woman in the household. However, creating an appealing and comfortable space for the husband is also important. These 4 tips will help you to decorate with your husband in mind, to make it a more functional living space.

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How to Pull Off a Spouse’s Birthday Surprise When You Share Finances

When you and your wife share finances, pulling off special surprises for the big day can be tricky. Specially you’re both independent women used to sharing finances and a checking account. Before you give up on the idea of a surprise, or make things too complicated for yourself, consider trying a different route to getting the surprise that you need to keep some romance in birthday surprises.
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5 Health Checkups Your Husband Should Have

Guest post contributed by Peter Minkoff

Health checkups are the most important part of disease prevention. Although this is well known, most men put off going to the doctor. If your husband is anything like a lot of Australian men, you should continue reading. Ladies, this reminder is for you. Make sure your husband doesn’t skip these five essential checkups this year.
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